The longer walk

Let me tell you about my training plan.

IT EXISTS.  And I’m following it.

Right now it’s just walking, but you have to start somewhere, right?  I don’t want to push my body too much after a pregnancy, nearly a year without running and a few extra pounds.

Also, running with the baby is not yet feasible.  She realizes she’s not being held while in the stroller and, therefore, does not approve. Twice now I’ve had to pick her up out of the stroller mid stroll for fear her cries would prompt the neighbors to call child services.  I’m hoping she’ll take to it when she’s a little older.  For now, I’m just sticking to the Moby wrap.  For now I’m also using the limited time I have away from her to do things like shower.

But this training plan of mine doesn’t have me walking forever.  In fact, it has me gearing up for CIM in December.  Yes, it goes out that far.  Obviously I know I will have to make adjustments as life happens.  But I wanted at least a rough idea of where I need to be now in order to be where I want to be then.

So today the training plan called for a 4 mile walk, with a McDonalds milkshake stop at the turnaround.  Both are complete.  Eventually Wednesday will be my long run day.  For now it’s the longer walk.


10 thoughts on “The longer walk

  1. Sounds like a plan! 🙂 I am impressed you are back to training so soon after Ruby is born! I am looking forward to next updates. By the way, excellent choice of race.

      • if I could only get my ass back into training mode, I would like to do a Northern California marathon this winter and this race looked great from the first time I saw a banner. So, I guess the answer is.. maybe.

  2. Was the milkshake written in the plan?! I want a plan like that!!! 🙂

    It’s good that you are starting out this early, so you know where you need to be, like you said! 🙂

  3. Good for you! I started a Couch to 5k, since I too have been a year off and a little heavier. I want to do Nike Womens Marathon in October (if my group gets in).

    Enjoy the long walks! I have a Starbucks latte waiting at the end of mine 🙂

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