My little binge drinker

Alternatively titled: I just might punch the next person who mentions THE LATCH in the face.

Alternatively titled: Continuation of this post

Well, we survived the single breasted weekend.  It was not fun. Let me count the ways:

1.  After cutting Ruby’s milk supply in half she (surprise, surprise) pretty much wanted to nurse continuously.  Which meant, of course, that Seborg’s nipple took a beating.  Ouch.

2.  I was forced to cut out comfort nursing in order to salvage my one functioning breast.  Remember how Ruby pretty much only naps on the boob?  Right…that made for one starving AND exhausted baby. I’ll let your imagination paint that picture.

3.  And Ruby wasn’t the only one exhausted.  I was up every couple hours at night pumping.

4.  Since, oh yeah, it wasn’t just a cracked nipple.  I still had to drain the rest of the lump I had from the original plugged duct.

5.  Between all the nursing and pumping I didn’t really have time to run or get out at all.  And that’s just depressing.  Literally.

The good news is we confirmed my nipple was the issue.  No bloody spit-up and lots of normal poop.  My nipple looked very nearly healed this morning so we went back to a two breasted rotation.  And…

6.  The crack opened up again.  So I’m using a nipple shield while it heals, and that’s just a pain in the ass.  Ruby’s not used to it and nursing inefficiently.  And it doesn’t stay suctioned to my breast…especially when Ruby tries to pull it off.

7.  In addition to the nipple shield, our pediatrician, seemingly unaware of how I actually got the cracked nipple, recommended we improve THE LATCH.  I love our pediatrician but this made me want to scream.  And throw things.  At people.  Because I am SO SICK of hearing about how the stupid latch will solve everything.  In the first couple of weeks after Ruby was born I talked to 4 lactation consultants and about 50 nurses.  And let me tell you about a conversation I had MULTIPLE times:

LC: There you go!  Now Dad you’re going to want to take a picture of this.  This is the perfect latch!  See how her lips are spread out like a fish and the whole areola is in her mouth?  Now does that hurt?

Me: Yes.

LC: Does it hurt any less?

Me: No.

Nor do I think a deviation from our already “perfect latch” is going to solve this problem.  But I digress…

The weekend was an interesting science experiment.  I suppose that’s the silver lining.  I realized I’m producing 18 oz of milk a day out of one breast.  Kellymom tells me that’s more than half of what she needs, which leads me to believe that all these plugged ducts are the result of an oversupply.

Ruby also went from spitting up ridiculous amounts after every feeding (and in between feedings) to spitting up next to nothing at all.  So there you have it.  My little Ruby is a binge drinker.  Hopefully this isn’t foreshadowing of her teenage years.

12 thoughts on “My little binge drinker

  1. This post didn’t come up before my comment on the previous one! Glad you got the poop confirmed and are starting to feel better : )

  2. SO tough! I’m really sorry you’re going through this. Everyone assumes it’s just easy and “natural” but it’s very hard work. You’ve been a dedicated trooper–I’m sure many others would have thrown in the towel by now.

    • Fortunately this was just a bump in the breastfeeding road. Things have been going pretty well for awhile. It is a lot harder than you think its going to be though!

  3. I do not get the whole ‘there is no pain with proper latch thing’, I have not figured that one out yet. I think it gets better as they get older and their mouth gets bigger though. I hope the crack heals up soon. I have thought many times I would rather give birth 10 times than relive the times breastfeeding has been exceptionally difficult.

    • Seriously! Thankfully mine stopped hurting after my nipples toughened up a bit. At least that’s how I thought of it, maybe it was a mouth size thing.

  4. After all this YOU are going to be a certified lactation consultant! My gosh, girl, you just become more heroic in my eyes every day! You are doing SUCH a good job for Ruby. You’re awesome. And 18oz a day out of one boob is fantastic! Hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing from here on out! Also, as you keep powering through all this, you’ve now gotten 4 months of breastfeeding behind you, which is great.

    • Oh Kari, you are too nice! And give me way too much credit! The breastfeeding had been going pretty smoothly before this whole fiasco so I’m hoping my nipples heal quickly and we can get back to normal.

  5. Ugh, I had some very similar issues (minus the cracked nipple), and yah, THE LATCH. I had countless LC’s tell me, my latch looks great and yah know what? It STILL hurt.

    We’re six months in exclusively breastfeeding, and I’ll be totally honest, even though her latch is now right and I can see that, it still hurts a little. Sometimes it still even hurts quite a bit.

    I think people need to stop saying it doesn’t hurt if you’re doing it right because for some people it just does hurt. If we weren’t doing it right, could we still be doing it at 6 months? I think not. The good news is that the pain is nothing compared to what it was at the beginning and I’ve come to hardly notice it most of the time.

    • I totally agree. It hurt A LOT in the beginning and I honestly think she had a good latch from the beginning. It just took me a few weeks to adjust.

  6. Pretty much all of my friends abandoned breastfeeding very quickly, so mad props to you for continuing to keep at it. And thanks for keeping it so real. I get so tired of reading blogs where people pretend it’s all sunshine and roses being a new mom. I know it won’t be and it’s such a relief that someone will be honest.

    PS – 18 ounces out of one boob? Holy crud, woman! That’s practically the size of a convenient store Coke!

    • I can definitely understand why your friends gave up! I certainly considered it in the beginning.

      And thanks for understanding my pessimism! Ha! Sometimes I feel like I should blog A LITTLE more about sunshine and roses, but that’s just not where I’m at right now. I’m hopeful that there will be eventually!

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