Things I’m telling myself lately

“I am okay with running at a 13 minute mile pace.”  This is what I tell myself.  Among other things.

I was thoroughly exhausted after running a hot and hilly 7 miles yesterday.  I used up the last ounce of energy I had to open my front door and pop open a can of orange soda.  And I fell asleep after putting Ruby to bed for the third time at 8:30.

My former runner would not have called this a long run, and she would have run the whole thing.  But that is the past, and this is the present.  These days 7 miles is long, walking happens, and I’m okay with clocking in at a 13 minute mile pace.  Or so I say.

14 thoughts on “Things I’m telling myself lately

  1. Yeah, 7 miles sounds like a really long distance to me too. I was practically making a bargain with the devil to get to three on the treadmill the other day. Heat and hills too? That takes a lot out of you.

    I know you’ll get faster, but it’s so hard to be patient and let it happen. Since patience is a virtue I lack, I can’t offer any real advice except to just keep on trying. It will get better!

  2. Hey, 13 minutes is okay, and you’ll only get faster. It takes time to get back to where you were! I’m the slowest runner EVER! lol I am just hoping I can improve my speed over the next 5ish months before the race.

  3. Getting out of the house to run at all is a success in my book! Running in the heat is my least favorite thing!

  4. 7 miles is so a legitimate long run. I haven’t run more than 4 miles since… I can’t even remember when. not to mention that 7 miles in the Bay area are worth at least 13 in LA 🙂

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