So I’m getting an iPhone

And I’m really excited about it.  I’ve wanted one for over a year now and I finally feel like I can justify the expense.  (The only place my current cell phone gets decent service is, well, not in my house.  And that’s just not sufficient now that most of my day is spent, well, in my house.)

Then yesterday Elsha convinced me to join Twitter.  This is how it happened:

Me:  I’m getting an iPhone, and I’m thinking about joining Twitter.

Elsha:  You should.

Me:  Okay.

Now the only thing left to decide is whether or not to follow Snooki.

9 thoughts on “So I’m getting an iPhone

  1. You won’t regret it! I’ve loved every minute of my iPhone for 5 years now. Then we can facetime so you can show me that cute baby of yours!

  2. You have to tell us your twitter name so we can follow you!

    And I vote hell to the no on Snookie.

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