Racing through July

If you read this blog on any sort of regular basis you have probably gathered that I’m running pretty slowly these days. And, yes, by running I mean a combination of very slow jogging and walking.

Naturally, I thought it best to start racing again. And by racing I mean paying to very slowly jog and walk my way from a start line to a finish line alongside other runners. And by alongside I mostly mean behind. I just might need this shirt from One More Mile to join me.

So without further ado, I will be caboosing these events:

The 3rd Annual Stars & Stripes 5K in Concord, CA on July 4th.



And the second half of the San Francisco Marathon on July 29th.



10 thoughts on “Racing through July

  1. Sorry if I should know this already, but do you live around San Fransisco? I have a friend who lives near there who just had a baby and is SUPER into running. You two would probably get along great. If you’re interested in meeting an intelligent, running, new mom, let me know!

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