The good news is I managed to not crap my pants

I thought about being discreet throughout this post, but then I thought, “Since when has discreet been my style?” I’m more about just telling it like it is, and the honest to God good news is I managed to not crap my pants the other day. Now that you know the end of the story, let’s go back to the beginning.

Jason’s sister was out visiting last week, and we got to talking about exercise. That’s when she threw out a crazy notion. She doesn’t believe everyone is capable of experiencing the endorphin rush commonly referred to as “runner’s high.” Then Jason went and agreed with her.

What?!?!  I couldn’t disagree more.  Isn’t this scientifically supported? I mean, weren’t endorphins first discovered in a petri dish by a guy in a white lab coat? Or, you know, in some other sciency environment?

Now I, by no means, get high every time I run. Some runs feel downright awful from beginning to end. But I’ve been high enough to establish MY beliefs. That endorphins are released after spending enough time in what I’ll call the “baby bear” zone. Not too hard, and not too soft easy.

The trouble, I bet, is that non-runners’ runs often fall under the category of too hard and too short. Thus, no high. Just like when I run 400m repeats at the track. We might as well call them the sober sprints.

For me, the long run is where it’s at. I can pretty much bank on at least a buzz during the long run. And so I set out the other morning ready for a hit that never came. At least not a hit of endorphins.

About a mere mile into my run, however, I was smacked in the face (or, rather, punched in the gut) by an overwhelming urge to use the bathroom. We’re talking – couldn’t run, waddling down the shoulder of Main St. with my butt in the air, praying that none of the women in the mom’s group were driving by – emergency status.

You should also know that I took my phone/camera running with me. I don’t usually do this, but I wanted to kick off one of my weekly themed post ideas: Runner’s High. Every time the high hits I wish I could take a picture, link to the soundtrack playing on my shuffle and share it with the world.

Well, I can honestly say this was the highlight of my long run this week. Now I know why they call it SAFEway.


13 thoughts on “The good news is I managed to not crap my pants

  1. HA! Knock on wood, it’s never happened to me, but if the urge ever did strike on one of my runs, I would almost certainly have to do it bear-style. There are no public restrooms on most of my routes! The cows sure would get a show…

    (BTW, I have never experienced runner’s high.)

  2. This is too funny and too real. In our house this is called “emergi-poo”. I think runner’s high is a myth to make people run. I’m more of a believer in that euphoric feeling that comes right after a satisfying dump. TMI?

    • Hahahahaha!!! I think I opened the TMI doors when I posted about poo. Hey, if you get runner’s high (not be confused with “the runs”) from a satisfying dump, all the more power to ya!

    • I think you missed the point here. This is all about the runners high!!! We WILL do the dinosaur (because I can’t remember how to spell pteranodon and I’m too lazy to look it up) race one of these days.

  3. Do you take Miralax? If you don’t already know, I had TONS of problems recovering from labor with Amelia. Long story short, I still take Miralax every day of my life. Anyway- in the beginning, I didn’t know how much to take, so I took A LOT, and had MANY MANY “I seriously might crap my pants in the middle of wal-mart” episodes. I’m so glad we both just shared way too much info.

    • Hahahaha!!! I’m so glad you shared that too! I do not take Miralax. Chances are I would not have good news to post about if I did.

  4. Ha ha ha! I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me… and a few times I have not made it. Love that you shared a pic!

    The long run seems to get the high for me too 🙂

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