Snaggle Toe

A few days ago I noticed my left pinky toe was turning black, and I thought to myself, “Looks like I’ve finally made it.” I’m a serious runner now. At last. I’m no longer an amateur. I have the toenail to prove it.

I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t it possible your shoes are just too small? You did mention that your feet grew while you were pregnant and that your toes slam into the tops of your shoes when you’re running downhill.

But before you go trying to rain on my parade, let me tell you about how I stubbed that same toe the next day. It hurt. Bad. I looked down and, sure enough, the base of the nail had broke almost completely across. It was still hanging on, but barely. And, oh yeah, there was blood. So I taped it up and hobbled around for the rest of the day. Who knew the pinky toe played such an integral role in walking?

Of course, I couldn’t let this interfere with my training. After all, I was now a serious runner. So I stuffed my toe into my tiny shoes the very next day and went for a run. Okay, if I’m being fair the pain was only noteworthy on the downhills.

I know what you’re thinking now. Wouldn’t a serious runner buy a pair of shoes that fit properly? As it turns out, no. Not a cheap, serious runner. You see, I’m caught in a pickle. I want another pair of Newtons, but they’re $155. I could buy a less expensive pair of shoes. Instead, I’ll probably remain indecisive and continue cramming my snaggle toe in the old pair.

Unless, of course, someone wants to buy my these!!! What? No takers? Well then, how about suggesting a (moderately, I don’t mean Vibram-like) minimalist shoe that doesn’t break the bank?

9 thoughts on “Snaggle Toe

  1. As a matter of fact, I DO have a suggestion for a nice lightweight, low-drop shoe that’s not too expensive! I started wearing the New Balance 730s in rotation with my Newtons and have been very happy with them. I generally wear them for short distances (because they are VERY light, like a racing flat) and my Newts for longer runs. Sixty bucks at with free shipping, it doesn’t get much cheaper than that!
    I’ve stubbed my pinkie toe before and OMG the pain while walking was so surprising! Glad your injury wasn’t worse. 🙂

      • Maybe? I have done up to ten miles in them and felt fine, but wouldn’t necessarily go farther than that. They’re lightweight and my feet like a little more shoe for double digit runs.

  2. Haha! It’s really funny that you would choose to write about ugly feet today. Me too! 🙂

    I am running in Brooks ghost 3s, which is one model old. I am really happy with them. I bought them for $60 which is a pretty good price, too.

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