Pregnant with triplets

The 4th of July festivities did not end with the race.  Ruby donned her red, white and blue and I broke out my new red Toms for a trip to Auntie Kelsea’s.


The BBQ was awesome, and I ate as if I was pregnant with triplets.  Which I’m not.  THANK GOD.

The non-breastfeeders of the group (i.e. everybody but me) had a Zinfandel tasting, which sort of worked out because I find Zinfandels gross.

I was thoroughly wiped by the end of the day.  It took me nearly 20 minutes of laying in bed to figure out what all the thumping was.  That’s how much I missed seeing fireworks.

8 thoughts on “Pregnant with triplets

  1. yes, I’m not a huge fan of zinfandel either. Not that I won’t drink it if it’s available, but if there is a choice I would prefer something else.

    now about that title of yours… I was seriously expecting a huge announcement that the girl in the photo was expecting triplets or something. And then I thought, but she doesn’t look pregnant at all. And didn’t she run a 5K? Maybe it’s just the beginning? But how beginning? And how early does someone know that they’re expecting more than one babies? and then I read the rest of the post… seriously? I might need some zinfandel to recover from this now 😛

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