Runner’s Low

I was all set up to kick off my weekly themed post – Runner’s High – today. Again. But it didn’t happen. Again.

I was already tired, grumpy and not feeling up to 10 miles when Jason got home at 5:00 pm. I felt flustered. I knew I had to feed Ruby and complete all the requisite pre-run preparations QUICKLY. I had to get out the door FAST. In order to get back before Ruby’s next feeding and bedtime.

I may have replied rather snarkily when Jason asked if he should eat dinner before or after my run. “OR you could eat WHILE I’m running, like I DO during the day.”

So there I was already running…around the house.

Clothes – changed.
Heart rate monitor – check.
Hair – tied back.
Sunscreen – applied.
Water bottles – filled, two with water, two with coconut water and orange juice.
Gu – check.
Shoes – check.
Phone – check.
Garmin – DEAD.

WHAT??? How was that possible? I ALWAYS plug it into the charger as soon as I get home. Surely I charged it after the race. Or did I? Either way, it was fully charged beforehand and I hadn’t touched it since. How was the battery COMPLETELY dead ALREADY???

And so I proclamined, “I’M NOT GOING!”

“You should still go. You can’t run without your watch? You know you’ll feel better if you go.” This was Jason trying to talk some sense into me.

“But I need to know my heart rate! I won’t know when to stop and walk!” I argued, while still gathering my running paraphernalia.

Headband –

“I can’t find my headband and my iPod!” Picture me running around some more.

“Can you use your other heart rate monitor?” Dammit, why does he remember I have another heart rate monitor?

“Where is my headband?!” And then I remembered I put it in my fitness belt for the race.

“Here’s your belt.” This is Jason again.

“If there’s one run I don’t want to do without my watch it’s my long run. I’m pissed!!!” More running. “WHERE is my belt???”

“Here it is.”

Headband – check.

iPod – DEAD.

That’s when I decided I REALLY wasn’t going.

I ran 2.5 miles instead and arrived home to a screaming baby and a distraught husband.  We all had a good cry and ate McDonalds.

16 thoughts on “Runner’s Low

  1. I love how your “I really wasn’t going” line equals “running 2.5 miles”! At least you ran! For me, “I really wasn’t going” equals procrastinating to the point that it’s really too late to run, and still ending up with a screaming baby and distraught husband. Thanks for the enjoyable read!

      • Hi Laura! It’s a running group for moms by moms. I started a chapter in San Jose because the group run times for the other running groups didn’t fit my schedule or my pace or my jogging stroller! I started the blog to help inspire the other moms in the group. Are you close to us? I’d be happy to talk to you more about it if you’re interested! Irma

          • Are you part of a running group near you? It is so much easier to get out for a run when you have other people to run with (that’s why I started my mommy running group). Check out the national website – – you can start your own chapter or if you just want some cyber-support, I would love for you to join our chapter! You would definitely add some spice to our conversations!

          • I’m not… I think a non-mom’s running group would be more work right now. I’m usually able to get out for a run on my own. Starting a chapter up here sounds like fun but probably a little much to take on right now! I’ll just have to hang with the online crew for now!

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