A reason to celebrate

Ruby and I went to a birthday party today. For a lovely little lady turning one.

Ruby always likes to put on a show for strangers. She’ll scream bloody murder at home, but put her in a room with 50 other people and she’s mellow as yellow.

All of the following have woken her up at home: whispers, ice falling into the ice box from the ice maker in the freezer, footsteps, pouring cereal into a bowl, opening a pop can and flushing the toilet. This is while in her room, with the door closed and the noise maker on at max volume.

But put her in a room of 50 people and here’s what we get.

Ruby- sleeping-party

So the day went off without a hitch. I don’t think I heard a single whimper at the party or in the hour long car ride to and from. Also, they had my absolute favorite kind of cake. Super duper rich chocolate, with fudge filling and cream cheese frosting. It sort of felt like my birthday.

18 thoughts on “A reason to celebrate

  1. Of course she would. I’m glad the day went well though.. Nothin’ like being at a party full of kids where yours is the screaming crying one! Looks like you need to get out more! 😉

  2. Leah was the same way! Everyone always said what a sweet little baby she was and awwed over her and all she did was scream at home. Knowing her now, I guess she was just very board from a young age (like birth)! That girl can not sit still AT ALL. She is still a party animal, she asks everyday who is coming for dinner or who’s birthday party we can go to that day! Ruby and Leah can open their own party planning business when they grow up!

    • I’m sort of thinking Ruby gets bored easily too. That would explain why she wants someone paying attention to her all the time. Maybe she defied her genetics and turned out an extrovert!

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