Flying with baby

Ruby will be going on her first vacation this Wednesday. Getting there includes an airplane. I will be travelling with her. Jason will not. Ever since I booked the ticket I have been brainstorming ways in which this could go all wrong. And then systematically developing solutions. Here’s what I have so far…

Problem: I have to pee.
Likelihood: Very high. I’m guessing I’ll be without assistance for about 7 hours in total.
Solution: Wet my pants.

Problem: My arms fall off from holding the baby for 7 hours.
Likelihood: Low.
Solution: Freak out.

Problem: Ruby cries (the whole flight).
Likelihood: High (moderate).
Solution: Cry louder and drown her out.

Problem: I’m seated next to an anti-public breastfeeding passenger.
Likelihood: Low to moderate.
Solution: Put my shirt back on.

Problem: Ruby has a blowout on the airplane.
Likelihood: Moderate.
Solution: Ask the passenger seated next to me to hold her while I change my clothes.

What am I missing?


20 thoughts on “Flying with baby

  1. I fly often and don’t envy passengers with babies, but remember, there’ll be more than fifty people on the plane, she might just clonk out! Have a great trip!

  2. Ha! All of these are very possible. I don’t know if you can or not, but if you can pick your seat (AA usually lets you), get the one by the engine. It’s usually open because everyone else hates it, but the noise will drown out a crying baby and lull them to sleep. Worked for me anyway.

  3. I feel ya. I flew with Amelia by myself when she was 4 months old and I have never had worse anxiety or higher blood pressure in my life. Most people are very gracious about babies, especially young ones. My best advice is to breastfeed on takeoff and landing, don’t care what you think people are thinking about you, and BREATH! You’ll do great.

  4. I flew with my kids both when they were very young. My first time I had two men on either side of me–when I had to feed him, you’d better believe their faces stayed pointed forward! It was pretty funny. And when you need to pee, some nice flight attendant will help you hold the baby–let them! You’ll be surprised at how much people will offer to help you out.

    • That’s true. I had tons of people offering to help me at the party this weekend and that was just a party. Way less intimidating than airplane travel!

  5. I agree, there will be someone who wants to hold the baby and they can’t get too far while on the plane! Not sure if you have a baby carrier, but I have peed many times with a baby strapped to me (would work in the airport, probably not the tiny airplane bathrooms). I was going to suggest sitting near the engine also. Babies cry, it is a fact. She may sleep the whole time, but if she cries just worry about her, she is your baby, you will never see anyone else on the plane again. Not that it matters for the plane, but I like to look up breastfeeding laws where I am traveling too. I have yet to travel anywhere that does not have good laws for Mom’s but it makes me feel better to know what they are.

    • Yeah, I actually have some better solutions than the ones I listed… I totally plan on peeing with her in the wrap. I’ve definitely done it before. And I have an email from Delta saying they have no in flight breastfeeding restrictions. I doubt I’ll need to pull it out, but I figure better safe than sorry. I’ll try to remember your advice if/when Ruby starts to cry. You’re right – worry about her and no one else.

  6. I totally agree with nursing her during take off and descent. It helps to relieve their ear pressure which is why they say babies cry on planes in the first place. Also, bring extra clothes for you and her in your carry-on! Oh and practice some yoga – changing diapers in that tiny airplane bathroom is definitely a challenge. Last time I flew with my youngest, I just changed her on the floor in the back b/c there weren’t any empty seats to use and the plane I was on did NOT have a changing table. Good luck!

  7. I found people were very helpful when they discovered I was a single mom flying with a baby, offering to put my carry-on up and stuff. And I also figured out how to go to the bathroom holding Squish … on the airplane. If motherhood has taught us anything, it’s to be flexible and creative!

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