Ruby Tuesday: I have too much earwax

Looks like I’m sold! You convinced me to go with the very clever “Ruby Tuesday” weekly themed post. Thanks, Robbie, for letting me steal your idea!

Things Ruby likes at 4 months, 3 weeks and 1 day:

Standing up. Often I’ll try to place her in a sitting position and she refuses to bend her knees. She just wants to stand. Obviously she can’t do this on her own. (Nor can she sit up. I feel like I need to make that clear after the snafu I created with this picture. The slope of the couch, pillows, blankets, time frame etc. are to blame.) Maybe she wants to remind us of how tall she is.

Her fingers. She’s constantly sucking on one or a few of them. Sometimes it’s the whole fist. My personal favorite is when she sticks her middle and index fingers from each hand into the respective corners of her mouth. She’ll also stick out her tongue and gently place her fingertips on it, as if she’s tasting the world.


Fart noises. Who wouldn’t?

Things Ruby doesn’t like:

Applying sunscreen.  I thought this would sort of feel like a massage and, thus, be pleasant.  Apparently not.

The fact that my ear is plugged to the point that I can’t hear.  Okay, the truth is Ruby has no idea that my ear is plugged.  Nor does this little tidbit belong in this post.  But it’s DRIVING ME CRAZY!  I’ve tried for two days now and nothing will clear it out!

So instead of running or packing I’m off to an emergency earwax removal appointment. With “my” doctor. Whom I’ve never met. (Because my old doctor retired and Kaiser automatically assigned me a new one.)  Even though she works 45 minutes away. Because I hadn’t quite gotten around to picking a new one nearby. And turns out I’m not allowed to see just any doctor. Doh!


6 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday: I have too much earwax

  1. Insurance companies suck. But never fear! Obama’s gonna FIX IT!!! /sarcasm.

    I was none the wiser that babies weren’t supposed to be sitting up on their own at Ruby’s age. lol I have no idea what age kids hit which milestones.

    • I wouldn’t have a clue if I didn’t have a baby. I didn’t even realize there were milestones other than crawling, talking and walking.

    • So you want to squeeze her until shes explodes AND eat her fingers… I don’t know if I should bring Ruby around you… sounds dangerous! 😉

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