So this is the obligatory post

Ruby and I flew back from Detroit today. I’m pretty tired. So is Ruby.

Her sleep was all kinds of screwed up while we were out of town. Naps were few and far between given all the visitors. And somewhere between the time change, a strange environment and a bit of evening noise Ruby forgot how to go to bed. It took five hours to get her down on Thursday night, and she was up every hour Friday night.

After a long day flying we’re both pretty wiped.  So this is the post. Regular programming will resume tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “So this is the obligatory post

  1. Yikes, that’s a rough couple of nights. I know it usually took Squish a week to re-adjust after travel so hopefully Ruby appreciates her familiar bed tonight.

    And in general I find Sundays are a hard day to post. Too many distractions and by the end of the day I’m wiped.

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