Ruby Tuesday: “Quiet mom”

Ruby turns 1 day shy of 5 months today. Since last week she’s picked up a few new habits.

She’s really taken to grabbing faces.


It started one night while I was trying to get her to sleep. I was cradling her in my arms and rocking her in a dark room. I was making a shhh sound when she reached up and caught my lips in her fist. As if to say, “Quiet mom.”

Ever since then she can’t get enough of our lips. She’s particularly fond of hanging on to the lower lip while it’s moving. If it’s not the lips, it’s a nose, a cheek or a chunk of hair.

People are constantly telling us how expressive she is. And she’s added a new face to her repertoire. I tried getting a picture. This was the best I could do.


I think she’s trying to make a sound when she makes this face. Though I’m not quite sure what it is yet.


7 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday: “Quiet mom”

  1. She really is very expressive. I think it’s the huge eyes. In the last photo, with the big eyes and round mouth, she kind of looks like a manga. In a good way. Like when Mai said “oooh Kabamaru!” I think I should stop now. I am only making my situation worse, ain’t I?

  2. That’s hilarious that she physically shushed you! Good for her for knowing where the noise was coming from in the dark! This is the part of parenting that gets very redundant because you start saying “Mouth! Nose! Eyes!” every time she touches them. Before you know it she’ll be a smarty just like her parents!

    What a face in that picture! My goodness.

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