An uphill battle

I’m beginning to think Elsha’s right. I may in fact be an extrovert. I’ve been going through major people withdrawal this week. Between preparing for the trip and visiting about 500 family members, the last couple weeks have been go go go.

Then along came this week of nothing exciting, at home all day alone with the baby. Because I pride myself in being honest I’m just going to say it. She’s been driving me crazy.

To begin with, travelling screwed up her sleep schedule. It used to take 2-3 tries to get her down, and then she would wake 3 times within 12 hours. Now it’s taking 3-5 tries to get her down and she’s waking 4 times in 10 hours. So I’m tired.

During the day she won’t tolerate more than about 30 seconds of independence. She wants me more than in the room and more than explaining how I’m pouring myself a bowl of cereal. She wants to be entertained! ALL. THE. TIME. Or it’s fuss, fuss, fuss. Whine, whine, whine. This is nothing new. I just very quickly adjusted to having at least 3 other eager baby entertainers around.

I’m also getting sick of holding her up in a standing position. I try laying her on her back, but she doesn’t like that. I flip her over on her stomach and she cries. I try to sit her down and she dances backwards to stay up on her feet.

And she keeps pooping! I know what you’re thinking – the nerve of that baby. But I actually don’t mind a poopy diaper. Unfortunately we’re back to some amount of poop breaching the diaper wall nearly every time she takes a dump. I’m bound to end up with cancer after my chronic stain remover exposure.

The good news is I had a fabulous run last night. The last mile covers a beast of a hill. I typically walk at least half of it, and I was fully planning on sticking with the tried and true.

But just as I started the climb I noticed a slightly overweight teen-aged girl up ahead, wearing sweatpants and a pink backpack. Not a hydration pack. A backpack. The kind you take to school. And she was running.

I told myself I would walk when she walked. Because there was no way she could run up that entire hill in sweatpants and a backpack. When it became apparent that that was exactly what she was going to do, I reminded myself that I didn’t have to run up the whole thing. And then I told myself, “Yeah, but I’m going to.”

I finished the run feeling like I had accomplished something. The cherry on top of all that was arriving home to find that Jason had somehow managed to get the baby to bed without a lactating breast.


12 thoughts on “An uphill battle

  1. I love the run you had–it really does help so much when you’re feeling blue. Did you see my post yesterday, btw? Go read it if not–tailor made for someone like you!

  2. yay for good runs! 🙂 running really does help with stress and frustration. it’s the only reason I haven’t killed a person yet. I’m impressed with that teenaged girl! and with you that you managed to keep up with her hill running. whenever I tried to do something similar, I crashed and burned.

  3. My kids drive me crazy every day. There’s no shame in saying that. You don’t have to like her, but at the end of the day you do have to love her, because she’s yours. 🙂

    I think Ruby and Amelia were a lot alike. I just thought everything Amelia did was normal because she was my first. It wasn’t until my second that I realized she was SO high maintenance! It was at 5 months old when I would nurse her FOREVER and then do the whole song and dance to get her to sleep and then ever-so-carefully lay her in her bed only to have it NOT work and I’d have to start all over, that I’d had enough and decided to let her cry it out. Seriously, worked like a charm. After only 2 days she went to bed on her own, no problem.

    I need a heavy girl in sweats to come be my motivation!

    • Yeah, that sounds a lot like our bedtime routine. The only difference is I have always felt like Ruby is high maintenance! Ha! I figure we will eventually need to do some crying it out. I can’t imagine her getting to where she is now on the sleep front to just magically falling asleep on her own. I’m just not quite ready to do it yet.

  4. What a fantastic post! Your honesty is very refreshing and I can most certainly relate to days (and weeks) just like those you mentioned. And good on you for running up that hill! 🙂

  5. It’s crazy how different kids are! Kalena never minded being alone, but Will would cry every time he was alone in a room. I was SO GLAD he was my second, so that Kalena could keep him company.

    I’m glad your run was good! And it sounds like maybe Jason should have to be in charge of bedtime from now on 🙂

  6. I can totally relate. The lack of independence is brutal sometimes. It’s so hard to even get 5 seconds to go to the bathroom. I swear, some days I am like, “Um, is having a baby an acceptable excuse to start peeing my pants? Because I do not have the time!” I’m so glad I’m not the only one with a high maintenance kiddo. I was beginning to think I was just lazy and complaining too much lol

    • You’re definitely not lazy and complaining too much! And I can completely relate on the bathroom front! It’s kind of funny actually…while I sit here and write this. Not as funny when you actually do need to use the bathroom and there’s a baby crying out for you to stop!

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