First world giveaway

I first heard about first world problems sometime while I was pregnant. I scoured the internet in hysterics one Friday afternoon at work. Like any good first world employee would do.

The very next day I heard myself complaining to Jason about how much I had to drink to stay hydrated. Since I was pregnant I was minimizing both caffeine and artificial sweeteners. And I thought it best not to binge on sugary drinks (like juice) either. The words were almost out of my mouth when I remembered this.



I’m no longer pregnant, but I am breastfeeding. And so the dilemma continues.

Naturally, this was the first thing I thought of when I heard about Infuse Your Mood Tea made by Sun Chlorella.


It’s a caffeine and calorie free tea that’s supposed to do all kinds of other wonderful things for your body and mind. You can read all about it here.

So here’s the deal. Two lucky readers will get a free box. All you have to do is leave a comment and share your favorite first world problem. Should you feel inspired to share this post on something like Facebook or Twitter (and tell me that you did), I’ll enter you like 5 or 10 more times.

12 thoughts on “First world giveaway

  1. I love First World Problems! I use it as a reframe pretty often when I find myself getting upset about something that I am in fact so incredibly lucky to have. When I really start to think about it I realize that almost every problem I have is a first world problem.

    As far as a favorite… there are so many! How about: “I’m starving! I haven’t eaten in, like, two hours!”

  2. My first world problem is holding my hands under the sink at a restaurant waiting for the water to automatically come on and then realizing that I have to move the handle! Why is it that I still have to move the handle?! And let me tell you, there are a lot of automatic toilets that are just not working.

    I’ve never heard if first world problems before, but I’m so going to use it in the classroom. “Oh, the lead broke? That’s so first world…”

  3. eleuthero tea? what is eleuthero? it means “free” in Greek, but what is a free tea?As opposed to other ones which are imprisoned?

    First world problem? Does the fact that I need to have my hair cut but I don’t want because I don’t like people touching my head qualify as one?

  4. I saw an episode of house hunters where the family of 5 had to “downsize” (b/c the husband lost his job) from a 7,000 Sq ft home to a 3,000 sq ft home. The wife kept on saying, “It’s just so small, it’s not what we’re used to, our standard of living is less now, our kids have to share a room”. She also called a 3,000 sq ft home “cozy”. OMG!!! What about all those families who all live in one room that’s less than 1,000 sq ft??

    I would have been laughing if I wasn’t in such disbelief. First world problem, indeed!!

  5. Great post. I love learning about products I haven’t heard of. 🙂 My problem today was going to the garage in my building and finding my car being blocked in by another car… It took me under five minutes to retrieve my husband’s car keys (who takes a bus to work) in order to run errands. I was annoyed because I hate driving his car which is so much bigger than mine. Thinking about it now, I realize that having two cars is definitely a first world problem. Thank you for helping remind me of my blessings.

  6. Even though I have cut out soda this pregnancy I drink juice like crazy. Only in the middle of the night when I’m hungry because the sugar makes me feel full so I can fall back asleep. Water just doesn’t do the trick.

    My favorite first world problems are:
    “The dominos pizza tracker isn’t working so now I don’t know when to put on pants”
    “I’m trying to text while at a red light but I keep making all the green ones.”

    • Haha! I like those examples! I don’r think there’s anything wrong with drinking juice and I still do. I just figure it’s best not to drink 3 liters of it a day (like I do water).

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