The big day

Two years ago I ran the 5K put on in conjunction with the San Francisco Marathon. At the time I was just getting back into running. Tomorrow I will run the second half of the marathon.

Even though I’ve been actively building my base for the last several months, it still feels like I’m just getting back into running. Again. I’m a lot slower than I used to be, and my running these days includes a lot of walking. Those that differentiate between running and jogging might argue that I don’t actually run at all anymore. But what do those people know anyway?

We sat in traffic for about three hours today so that I could pick up my bib at the expo. That sounds like a complaint, but it was actually worth it. Expo energy is infectious. Everyone is amped up for the race; you can just feel the electricity. And my (seemingly) generally bored baby loved the excitement too.


So tomorrow is the big day. It’s not my first half marathon, but it’s my first with a baby, and that feels like enough to make the day big. At least logistically. I feel like I’m prepping to run 113 miles instead of 13. I’m used to ensuring my watch and iPod are charged. But, let’s just say, this is the first time I had to check that there were working batteries in a breast pump.

Jason is going to play babysitter, and I honestly believe he has the real marathon ahead of him. I, on the other hand, plan to take this one relatively easy. I feel pretty confident I can hit a 12:00 min/mile pace, so I wrote down 2:15 for my predicted finish time. No, I’m not that terrible at math. I just know how big race starts tend to go. I don’t really know what to expect, but I’m trying to make myself get comfortable with a number like 2:40.

If you want to track me and/or cheer me on my bib# is 35772. You’ll know I’m either highly coordinated or having a slow race if I’m tweeting on the road. Wish us luck!


18 thoughts on “The big day

    • No!!!! Don’t retire! You just need a little break. I temporarily retired after running a full too…hopefully that doesn’t happen again.

  1. Dude. I’m still not doing any sort of exercise so I’m very impressed. (Of course, part of the reason I’m not exercising is that I’m lazy…)

  2. Good luck!!!!!!!! (<——- that comment was for Jason.)

    You're gonna do great! If you enjoy yourself and don't shit your pants, it's a success! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ha! Funny you should mention that because I’m worried about one of those things…and it’s not enjoying myself. I figure that will come naturally as long as I don’t shit my pants.

  3. Good luck! That’s awesome that you’re doing this so soon after having a baby! Good for you! Can you come stay with me from about March- July 2013? I’m going to need to lose this baby weight fast because it’s my 10 year reunion next summer! Gah. In that picture of you guys, Ruby looks so much like Jason!

    • She does look a lot like Jason. We get that all the time!

      You should just move out here! I would totally drag you out running with me and then you could keep me company! One warning though – you might have to give up showering in order to fit it all in.

  4. I like the new site layout! And love the family picture.

    Expos are so energetic! You put it perfectly! ๐Ÿ™‚ I felt like I have never got to browse one or hang out like I’d like to. Maybe the next one ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jogging is not a term in my vocabulary. Okay. A term that I use ๐Ÿ˜‰

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