Ruby Tuesday: Her own voice

A lady approached me after group therapy yesterday to say about Ruby, “She sure is vocal!” She wasn’t there the day I mentioned the anxiety I have about Ruby’s vocal development, so I know she wasn’t just saying this to make me feel better.

Boy, was that a blessing. The part of me that believes in something like God suspects my mother has been working overtime in the prayer department. God must have rewarded those eighteen years she spent in the convent by answering her prayers and sending this lady to me.

So I suppose it’s not just in my head. It’s not just wishful thinking. Ruby has piped up a bit over the last week.

I still wouldn’t say she “coos” much. She doesn’t ooh and aah as described in the baby books. (Surprising that not everything unfolds according to a manual, isn’t it?) But she does grunt, grumble, moan, cough, croak, shriek and squeak. And she’s doing more and more of all that.

So I thanked this lady. I told her that her words were a gift and about my anxiety. She responded by saying, “Every baby has their own voice.” Yes, they most certainly do.

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4 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday: Her own voice

  1. You would have loved to have been me right now… Ruby sounded much better once I changed my hearing battery and turned up the volume on my iPad. It works wonders, my friend, and not just for Ruby, but anything else that makes a sound! She’s adorable and so animated.

  2. She’s SO animated and cute! I love how excited she is and all her squeaks and squawks are so happy! I can’t wait until she says “Mama” and “Dada”! What a doll.

    • I can’t wait either but probably for a different reason. Chances are you’re not anxious that Ruby will never say mama. Ha! (I’m going to go ahead and laugh at that to lighten the mood.)

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