And the winners are…!

Jason and I went to pick up a rocking chair we found off Craigslist today and ended up walking away with an ExerSaucer. Our little stander took to it right away!


I might just get a minute to have a cup of tea! Oh what a segue…

The winners of the Infuse Your Mood tea giveaway are Amy of READNCOOK and Irma of Moms RUN San Jose. Congratulations ladies! Please let me know what email address I can pass off to our friends at Sun Chlorella. You can reach me at

8 thoughts on “And the winners are…!

  1. That is so cool! Thank you! About the ExerSaucer…. I could use some bigger versions in my classroom for my students who will just not sit still. Ruby looks like she’s loving it!

    • No thank you is necessary! Winners were randomly selected. Shoot me your email when you have a chance so I can pass it along (and get you hooked up with the goods). You can send it to if you don’t want to just post it in a comment box.

    • Ha! I would feel bad about not getting one sooner except for that we tried one out when we were in Michigan and it scared her. Not the standing part. The ring of toys. I guess they were just a little overwhelming for her. But it looks like she’s grown up and gotten over that in the last 3 weeks!

  2. this is so cool! I’m totally ignorant of those things, so please don’t take offence. Can Ruby already recognize these things (the animals, sounds, colors etc) or she just like the colors and sounds at this stage? I used to have one of these things when I was a baby too. I drove it off the stairs and fell on my face. So, keep an eye on her. You might be raising a reckless driver like my mom was. 😛

    • No offence taken! Pretty sure everyone without a baby is ignorant of baby stuff. She definitely can’t recognize the difference between animals and things like that. She just likes bright colors and sounds right now. And all she can do is spin around in this thing so we should be safe…FOR NOW!

  3. Yay for ExerSaucers! Even if she still doesn’t want you to leave the room, at least you don’t have to hold her all the time! I’m a big fan of baby entertainment, even though I hate having the huge toys in the middle of the room. It’s worth it.

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