Ruby Tuesday: No one has a boo-boo

“Uh oh! Someone has a boo-boo!” She leans in and exclaims in one of those annoying, uber baby voices. I know she means well, but it gets a little tiring listening to a broken record.

“What happened to her forehead?”

“Did she bump her head?”

“Did you punch her in the eye already?” No Grandma*, I did not punch my baby in the eye…already.

It’s a hemangioma. Ruby was born with one above her right eyebrow. According to her pediatrician, they grow for the first six months or so and typically go away on their own over the next several years.

We’re treating Ruby’s for a couple reasons. It grew rapidly in the first two months of her life, and it’s close to her eye. Our pediatrician was concerned it would interfere with her eyesight if it continued to grow at the same rate.

Fortunately, treatment is simple. We apply glaucoma eye drops (of all things) topically twice a day. This started about 3 months ago, and the color has dulled considerably since then. We just had a follow up appointment with the dermatologist this week, and she says it looks great.

So relax, stranger. We’re responsible parents who keep a close eye on our baby. No one has a boo-boo.


*True story.

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28 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday: No one has a boo-boo

  1. She’s beautiful no matter what! I love her monkey onesie and her adorable expression at that beer. Seriously, when can I meet her?

    • Around Christmas!!! I’m probably going to take a trip to Denver and I’m trying to persuade Elsha to come down. How can we make this happen???

  2. That is annoying. I imagine if I had a kid, I’d be grouchy mommy: “Stop commenting on my kid! No! No more looks! Go away!” Glad the “boo-boo” is easily treated. It looks like Ruby is angling for a Blue Moon (?).

  3. already punch her? and here I thought that she would punch dad for trying to impose blue moon on her. the baby has better taste in beer already 😛

    I’m kind of disappointed though, because I thought that it would be a subtle skin mark that has a long story behind it, you know the type of mole that long lost siblings recognize one another after being separated for years and fought in wars. Hmmm… I don’t know why but I think I should stop reading fantasy stories… The only reason I thought about this is because I have a little mark on my right eyelid. My grandpa and all his siblings had the same one. I kind of like it, because I look at it as a family mark or something. And because I read too many fantasy novels..

    • At least you thought it was a birthmark and not the product of our negligence! We’re told it will completely go away, but I do sort of wonder if there will be just a tiny mark that’s permanent.

  4. Sometimes people just need to keep their thoughts in their head. Joking or not… seriously did that need to be said? I mean seriously, even if you say it like its joking it’s not nice. I’m happy the treatment was not invasive, simple and is working so well. She certainly is a cutie!!

  5. Hemangiomas are curious things. I know a little girl who has one on her forehead and her parents just gave her an adorable bowl haircut that covers it up pretty well. I have a birthmark on my wrist that starts on my hand and goes halfway up my forearm. To this day, I still get asked what happened, but it really isn’t an issue for me.

    p.s. I love that photo!

    • I know nobody means anything by it. I think it gets to me because of my own insecurities, like it would be a reflection of poor parenting if my immobile baby somehow managed to bump her head hard enough to leave a mark.

    • Ha! I actually have a friend with a birthmark on her neck (not a hemangioma though) that everyone mistakes for a hickey. At least Ruby’s not getting that!

  6. I don’t know why people comment on stuff so much, especially the obvious and especially where babies and pregnant ladies are concerned. I got so mad when Leah was baby to hear over and over about how small she was and what did we feed her and was she starving… Strangers knows how to play on anxieties really well! She is beautiful by the way, boo boo or not!

    • I don’t know… I guess people just don’t realize when certain comments will hit a nerve. I know I’ve said things without thinking before and kicked myself afterwards for it. Leah is such a healthy and happy young lady now. Clearly she was fed well!

  7. My daughter has a few relatively subtle birthmarks: a few pink dots between her eyes, and a pink mark on her nose. People have said some of the dumbest things about them – she’s flushed/has a fever, got some sun, got a boo-boo. So I sympathize. I’ve decided I was justified in trying to avoid small talk with strangers for so many years, and it was just forced upon me during pregnancy and while carrying around the newborn.

    When I get pregnant the next time, I’m totally storing up a whole slew of snarky comebacks.

    • If you’re willing to share, I would leave to hear some of those snarky comebacks! I always think of clever things to say after the moment has passed. Of course, I’m too chicken to actually say half of it anyway.

  8. I don’t understand these people who have to point out the one thing in the room that might make others uncomfortable. It’s like a tic or something. My s-i-l was born with a deformed hand that kinda looks like a lobster claw. A new neighbour said, without solicitation, ‘Oh, I know someone else with a hand like that, it doesn’t bother me. She has inverted nipples, as well, Are yours inverted?’

    • Hahahaha! OMG! How does a person think to themselves, “It would be appropriate for me to ask this person I just met if she has inverted nipples. Yes, I’m going to ask her right now.”

  9. When my youngest was born, her eyes were crossed and we had to endure several surgeries and eye patches to correct it. People can be brutal and thoughtless…..

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