On being average


Today I am guest blogging over at Momwich. Come check it out!

Awhile back Sara, of moments of exhilaration, posted a link to this article. I found it so true and entertaining that I saved the link. I’m sharing it with you today because it fits the theme of my post.

10 thoughts on “On being average

  1. My husband and I have this conversation every once in a while when one of us feels like pressuring the kids to do better or be more. The fact is, we can’t afford an Ivy League college and will be perfectly happy if our kids go to a state school. I wouldn’t want them to face the pressures of being a CEO, but I think they could be excellent managers. The only thing I don’t ever want them to “settle” for is a spouse – in the end, being happy at home is all that matters. That article you linked to is awesome!

    • It’s definitely hard to know where to draw the line. I don’t want to raise an apathetic daughter either. And I agree that settling for is a spouse is a bad idea. I would argue that even average people have great relationships (romantic and otherwise). Glad you liked the article! I especially liked the last part about there being nothing wrong with being solid.

  2. Great post as always– I think this may be one of your best ones. After growing up in an environment where I was told I was special, it was tough to comes to terms with the fact that I’m pretty average and have an average life. The nice thing is that mostly everyone else is, too. It alo makes me appreciate the things I am good at, because I am good at those things through practice, research, and more practice– not from a nebulous and arbitrary “specialness”. As a teacher, I work with a lot of kids with under-average skills, so average is my goal for them!

    • Thank you so much for such a wonderful compliment!!! I like how you say the nice thing is that mostly everyone else is too. That’s so true. I should try and remind myself of that more often.

    • Thank you so much! I always enjoy your stuff too (clearly, that’s why I read it…anyway…).

      As for the hair – I highlighted it in January. Perhaps you just think it looks nice because it’s not pulled back and covered in sweat??

  3. I hope I am counted as one of your four readers… 🙂 I love reading your blog. I actually read the article you posted awhile back and printed it out to refer back to. Great minds think alike.

    • Why no I was not counting you, but I am flattered and very excited to hear you read it!! And actually like it too! Ha! THANKS!!!

      So I posted that article before? Wups! I did not remember that…bad blogger Laura… Oh well, it’s a good article.

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