Ruby Tuesday: She’s on a roll

Last week was a big week for our little 5 month, 3 week and 6 day old Ruby. Like really big. Get a load of all this…

She went from rolling over once every week or so to once every all the time. She’s only rolling from front to back over her left shoulder, and I don’t think it’s with intent. I think she’s trying to move forward and using the right side of her body more than the left. But, hey, it’s still something!

She’s also starting to shuffle around a little bit on her tummy. She can turn around and (albeit very slowly) scoot backwards. Of course this also happens when she’s trying to move forward. Poor girl. The harder she tries to get after something the further away she gets.

As if that wasn’t enough, she started babbling. That’s like Christmas for my anxiety! Right now it’s lots of da-da-das and na-na-nas.

Oh, and one more little thing. She’s sleeping through the night. She’s had a sleep stretch of 8-12 hours every night for the last week. I was telling another mom about all the sleeping Ruby’s been doing at stroller bootcamp.

She casually replied with, “Oh yeah! He did that every time he went through a growth spurt too!”

To which I said, “Oh yeah… I didn’t consider that.”

And then in my head I said, “BOO!!!!”



18 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday: She’s on a roll

  1. Yay Ruby! Isn’t it crazy how much we stress over what they are or aren’t doing? I have decided to stop looking at what everyone eles’s kid is doing and concentrate on how awesome he is now. Enjoy your milestone and the extra sleep at night!

  2. Don’t ever tell another mom that your baby sleeps through the night, if you don’t want to hear the most annoying and jealous reply: “Oh yeah, enjoy it as long as it lasts. It won’t stay that way.” or “That what XY did too when he/she was that age…” (meaning their kid is already… like what… 2 months older than yours…). If they don’t ask, don’t bring it up, that’s what I learned 🙂 Hardly any exhausted because sleep-deprived mother is able to be happy for you without feeling the need to give you a pointed remark. Anton sleeps through the night since he was 2 1/2 months. He is now 14 months. It stayed that way disregarding nights with bad dreams or some kind of queasy feeling.

    • I can definitely understand how it would be frustrating for a tired mom to hear about how another baby is sleeping through the night.

      I have an abnormally high level of anxiety surrounding Ruby’s development. I think because of that I’m extra cautious about what I say to other mothers. I would never, EVER ask a mom where her child was developmentally. I don’t remember how exactly the topic of sleep came up, but you can be assured I wasn’t making any random announcements. And her reply was friendly too.

      That’s remarkable that your guy started sleeping through the night at 2 1/2 months!

      • Yes it is and you can imagine that hardly any other mother I know wanted to hear about that 😀 And I definitely did not tell them, until they ask. And they do at some point. So you try to mention it as unexcited as possible. Moms always compare, I do too. Comparing to reassure oneselve that a development or behavior is normal is totally ok with me, it just becomes creepy when it turns into a neverending “which kid rolls/sits/walks/talks first” kind of comparison. Accompanied with the sentence “…yeah, he walks early but he probably speaks later then” to qualify the remark. I love how Sara from moments of exhilaration never compares Adeline to other kids although she is definitely super fast in her development!!

      • Oh and I also love how you always write about Ruby’s developments as if they were no big deal but they are! They are for every mother to be proud of and especially if you have an abnormally high level of anxiety 🙂

  3. Could Ruby get any cuter?! Seriously?! No. I was looking through my “milestones” list for Amelia the other day and it said “the first time she slept through the night was at 13 1/2 months old”!!! So WAY TO GO Ruby!! That’s awesome! It’s also great that she’s rolling and scooting backward! All babies go backward before they go forward so thats super duper! Keep up the good work, Ruby!

    • Well, she’s quasi rolling and scooting… but something’s better than nothing, right?! Sorry you had to wait until 13 1/2 months for Amelia! I hope she’s better about sleeping at night now!

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