I shower every twelve days

That’s not true. I shower at least twice a week. Which is a miracle considering…

There are 11 items in total. Go ahead and count them. I have found through much experimentation that there is enough time in the day to take care of 5.5. Eating, sleeping, running, blogging and attending to the baby make up my top five. Since there are 6 remaining items and only time enough to do one half of one item on any given day, it’s fair to deduce that they are each properly attended to once every 12 days.

What are your top five? Go ahead and take the poll. Now if you work (at the kind of job that pays you), please only pick four. Unless, of course, you’re paid to, say, watch television. In which case, just be sure it’s one of your five and let me know where I should send my resume. Don’t see something on the list? Too bad. This is my blog.*

*I’m not really that mean. In need of a shower, sure…

need-shower But not typically mean.

15 thoughts on “I shower every twelve days

  1. Eat, Sleep, Run, Shower and Facebook. And I’m *sort of* paid to run, which is awesome, so that means I still get Facebook time! Cleaning should probably be higher on my list, but it’s honestly not.

  2. There is really way too much math involved here in figuring all of this out, but all I know is that it adds up to me not getting to everything I want. I have a job, but I don’t have a baby, so I chose five things (they cancel each other out, right? If not, blame my faulty math). I just realized that reading is not on the list. Hm. Well, when I make a poll on MY blog, reading is going to be on MY list. So there. : )

    • I’ll do the math if you do the poetry interpretation! And, yes, I think a job and a baby are sort of on par with each other in terms of workload. I do quite a bit of reading of blogs so I lumped that in with write/blog. You’re probably referring to actual books…yeah, you’re going to have to create your own poll for that. 😉

  3. Good thing that I am a horrible housewife and childless because that allowed me to not check at least four items of the list 🙂 Also, looking at the post-run photo, I looked exactly like this today. Down to the same model and color of garmin. I have something like 4 R’n’R black shirts. For reasons unknown I love them too much despite the fact that they are the least appropriate shirts for long runs in the middle of the Summer in California.

    • I wear them because I don’t have enough non-black running shirts. And I don’t buy running shirts considering race fees these days. I don’t understand why anyone thinks black is the best color for a short-sleeved running shirt… But I suppose they get the job done.

  4. What if I simultaneously watch tv, blog, and play on twitter? Cause that’s what I’m doing right now! And that leaves me enough time to eat, sleep, cook, and attend to the baby. Every few days I give up some sleep for a shower.

    • Nope. I would argue that their not getting the same attention they would if you were doing only one at a time.

      It sounds like you’re doing 4 things every day, with 6 remaining items (since you don’t run) and time enough to do 1.5. According to my scale you should be able to properly attend to each remaining item once every 4 days, instead of 12.

      That’s pretty good. Maybe I should watch TV, blog and tweet simultaneously… and give up showering all together.

  5. I checked sleep,but only because it is not an option to avoid it totally! If I could get away with none I would! I know what you mean though. In the morning before school I like to workout, shower, feed the kids a half way decent breakfast and clean the kitchen. There is never time for it all and shower is usually at the bottom of the list, i find I am not the only stinky one standing outside school each morning though, seems to be a common issue in motherhood.

    • Oh, the rest of mine were eat, clean, run and attend to baby/kids. Clean is not one of my preferred top 5, but with the kids and dog I would go insane if I did not try to keep up a little. Plus the dog is getting picky in his old age and wont eat the cheerios or baby puffs off the floor, I am not sure what that is all about, but he is not really earning is keep lately 😉

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