My small container list

Sara, of moments of exhilaration, has been working on a 30 Before 30 list. Her list includes things like climb a 14K and write a book. She plans to do this and (HOLY CRAP!) 28 other things before she turns 30 in October.

For months I’ve been reading as she’s checked things off her list. For months I’ve been loving on this idea. I mean, I’m turning 30 in October as well. And, hell, I really like lists. But I’m not even going to pretend like I can climb a mountain or write a book in between playing peek-a-boo and not taking showers.

That’s when it hit me! Why not make a totally do-able 30 before 30 list? A list of things I really want to do, but just don’t make the time for. A list of treats really. Nothing quite as grandiose as a bucket list. Something more like a… small container list.


1. Take a long, hot shower.
2. Pick out some books for Ruby at an actual book store.
3. Watch a movie in the theater.
4. Surprise someone with a present just because.
5. Paint my toenails.
6. Buy something for myself I really don’t need.
7. Run a race.
8. Pick out a Halloween costume for Ruby.
9. Go on a date with Jason.
10. Do something artsy.
11. Go to a coffee shop and blog WITHOUT the baby.
12. Buy a piece of lingerie.
13. Go to the Sausalito Art Festival.
14. Sleep in.
15. Eat at a nice restaurant.
16. Get a haircut.
17. Eat a sundae at Fentons Creamery.
18. Quit being cheap and buy a new pair of running shoes.
19. Use that gift certificate I got for Christmas and get a massage already!
20. Drink a real glass of wine. You know, the kind with alcohol in it.
21. Go to story time at the library.
22. Get dressed up and put on makeup.
23. Bake something fattening.
24. Set up a play date with someone outside of the mom’s group.
25. Pick out a sewing project and buy the supplies.
26. Treat my mom to scones at First Street Cafe.
27. Write a short story.
28. Go swimming WITH the baby.
29. Assuming I’m set up to accomplish #28 – buy a new swimming suit.
30. Celebrate my birthday!

Anyone else with me? What’s on your small container list?


24 thoughts on “My small container list

  1. Fantastic idea! I’ve been so caught up in the things I CAN’T do right now, that something like this might be just what I need to do. Except I’m 32. So maybe 33 before 33?

  2. Yes! I love it!! I love the idea of the small container list. Some of the stuff on mine was definitely like that – things I’d been meaning to do but never gotten around to. Like watch the Godfather movies and print out photo albums. Some of the stuff was bigger but plenty of it was small. Sometimes you need to just give yourself that push to take time for yourself. Good luck with your list!

  3. Great idea and great list!! You’ll feel awesome after you do a lot of those things! And this may sound bad, but after Amelia was born and I had a glass of wine I just loved her SO much (she was sleeping) but all my fears and anxiety went away for a little while, so maybe it would help. I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m encouraging you to drink a lot or all the time, but just to relax a little 🙂

  4. No, no, no! You know I rarely turn down random blogging suggestions, heck I even posted 31 days in a row just for you, but I wouldn’t go a mile next to a list like that. Especially considering my utter failure of any things to do before turning 29. Today’s list had exactly one bullet: run. And I didn’t even manage that. Maybe there’s still time?

    • Here’s what you should do. Think back on what you did today. Write everything done on your list and then cross them off. Then missing one tiny, little run won’t seem like a big deal! I’m serious. I do this.

  5. Great list– I love it! I don’t like bucket lists because they’re so grandiose, but I do like the small container list. Focusing on the smaller joys of life is much more reasonable. Can I steal this idea and do a 36 before 36 post? I will give you full credit. BTW– I’m an October baby, too!

    • Thanks! I sort of have a bucket list in my head, but I always refrain from writing it down officially because I don’t want to feel like I actually have to do everything on it. Ha! And PLEASE steal the idea! You deserve a few treats just as much as I do!

  6. Totally love this idea as well! My list would include things like eat an ice cream sundae without feeling guilty, watch TV and be on Facebook at the same time without feeling guilty, let the hubby put the kids to bed all week long without feeling guilty…notice a trend?? Also – like your new look. =)

    • Thanks!! Yes, it sounds like you need to give yourself permission to have a little personal time! Write that stuff down and then tell yourself you HAVE to do it. Only let yourself feel guilty if you don’t!

      • Have a ‘on the seventh day’ box. I put into a box just before the sabbath what I plan to do, to not do, to think about. It ritualizes the sabbath and for me gives meaning. A rabbi once called this a ‘Shabbos box’. I like the box in the picture, how can Iearn to build one. A good new year to all.
        Marty Kirschen

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