Ruby Tuesday: So much crap

Ruby turned 0.5 years old on Saturday, which is sort of crazy. I remember looking forward to the 6 month mark. In part because the world of things like story time at the library would open up to us, and in part because  it was far enough away that I thought I might be over some of my crap. And I suppose I am… over SOME of my crap.

There’s just SO MUCH CRAP! Especially now that Ruby isn’t pooping as frequently. She likes to save it up for a couple days and then nail as many articles of clothing, blankets, sheets etc. as possible when she finally lets loose. Storing all that crap up in her gut also makes for some really delicious smelling gas. And she hasn’t even started eating real food yet.

Unless, of course, you consider feet real food. Because she sure has been chowing down on those toes of hers lately. Or vitamins – she loves those too. As soon as we pull out the bottle she starts yelping and flapping her arms. I’m not sure what excites her most: her vitamins, her Daddy getting home from work or watching me brush my teeth.


I’ve been excited to see her start rolling from her back to her stomach this week. She had done it before, but it was awhile ago. The rolling is still a work in progress, but it’s starting to seem a bit more intentional. She’ll flip onto her stomach to reach a toy, flip onto her back to play with it for a bit, and then repeat the drill.

She also tries to reach for things WAY out of her reach, like across the room kind of out of her reach. It ends up looking like she’s waving, and that’s pretty cute.


11 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday: So much crap

  1. My vote is that she likes watching you brush your teeth the best! I think one of the reasons why I don’t have a kid results from babysitting and changing a really toxic and crappy diaper– I’m talking like 20 baby wipes. It scarred me.

  2. Six months old!! Hard to believe. She is just too precious for words!! So are her mommy and daddy!!

    Grandma Karen

  3. Baby poop only gets worse because it turns into kids poop! Yuck. I can wait until Ruby is 2 and driving you insane just talking and running around and you think, “What was I ever so scared of?” I wish I could babysit her, because I feel like I know her.

    • I know… I’m so NOT looking forward to the poop getting worse. I AM looking forward to the scene you just described. Also, you’re welcome to babysit anytime you want!!! And I don’t want to hear anything about, “Oh the commute is too long…” BLAH BLAH BLAH.

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