Ruby Tuesday: Nothing to report

The other day Elsha accused me of being the opposite of the braggy mom. You know the one who claims her baby is talking the first time she babbles a, “Mama.” Or boasts that her baby is sleeping through the night after one 5 hour stint. Because that is the medical definition of sleeping through the night, after all.

And I suppose she’s right. As much as I would like to claim humility on this one, I think it has more to do with my anxiety. Admitting that Ruby is actually making developmental progress means that my crazy, irrational fears are just that – crazy and irrational. And I’m not quite ready to accept that.

An impartial observer may advertise that Ruby started lifting her stomach and butt off the ground this week.


But it’s only for like a second at a time. So I’m most definitely NOT counting this. Which means I have no material for this week’s Ruby Tuesday episode. Sorry folks.


31 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday: Nothing to report

  1. I’m afraid that I have to admit that Ruby sort of has a better plank form than I do. Although I will try to find every and any excuse available to avoid defeat from an infant. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ha! You know what’s funny about that is she already does something that looks sort of like downward facing dog. It might be a few more weeks before we get a warrior though…

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