What’s next

In case you were wondering, I do plan on continuing the daily posts. I’m just going to do it every few days now. I need a little break from everyday. I find that the evening, after Ruby’s gone to bed, is the best time for blogging. It also happens to be the best time for watching television. And for, you know, interacting with that man living in my house.

It was fun though. I feel like it’s been a period of growth for me as a writer. It was an opportunity to try new things. This blog has gone through a lot of changes over the last year or so, culminating in the last couple of months. Now I’m sort of sitting back and thinking about where I want to take it next…

Themed Posts

Yep, Ruby Tuesday is here to stay. For now anyway. I don’t expect to win any literary merit awards with these, but the family seems to enjoy them.

Runner’s High is also sticking around, but probably on a random basis.

Writing Communities

Over the last couple of months I’ve participated in writing challenges at Yeah Write, Trifecta and Scriptic. There are things that I really liked about each of these forums. Different things:

  • I felt the most engaged and invested in the process through the Scriptic prompt exchange. I also liked the specificity of the resulting assignment.
  • I liked the layout of the Trifecta website. The rules for participation were very clearly outlined and easy to find. I respect the level of professionalism the editors brought to the group.
  • The bloggers linking up with Yeah Write blew me away with their level of interaction and support.

As much as I enjoyed trying my hand at these writing challenges, none of them fit me as well as those custom made jeans I could only afford with a Groupon. I suspect I will continue to participate in this sort of thing if and when it feels right.

More on Community

The best part of blogging is community. OBVIOUSLY. What I really liked about joining the groups above was meeting new people and reading new content on a wide variety of topics.

I would really like to showcase some of that great stuff, the stuff that keeps me trapped in BlogLand, here on this blog. I’ve attempted to do this by including the ‘My Community’ and ‘Worth a Read’ sections to the right. But they haven’t really had the effect I wanted them to have. So I have some other ideas. Be on the lookout for an update on ‘Worth a Read.’

I am also toying with the idea of inviting the occasional guest over to post. We shall see…

Content Restrictions

One of the things I love about this blog is how versatile it is. I’ve written about everything from running to parenting with a postpartum mood disorder to the politics of Big Oil. And for some crazy reason you guys keep reading. Thank you for that!

That said, I’ve stretched myself and this blog more than ever over the last two months, and I realized there are some limits. This blog is about my life. It’s non-fiction. And it’s about right now. I’m not opposed to writing about something that happened in the past, but only if it’s relevant to what’s happening in my life right now.

This leaves me in a bit of a predicament. Sometimes I want to write out of bounds. Yet these lines are important to me. And so I’m on the verge of doing something I said I would never do – start another blog. That’s all I’m going to say about that for now.

And all of this leaves me with Some Questions for You

  • What writing communities are you a part of? Have you participated in any writing challenges you would recommend?
  • How do you highlight your community on your blog?
  • Do you feature guest posts on your blog? How do you manage it?
  • Do you or have you ever kept up multiple blogs? How did that work out for you?

13 thoughts on “What’s next

  1. You are far more organized than I am on all of this! I admire that. Other than belonging to the FitFluential community, where I get lots of support and great advice, I really don’t participate in any other writing communities. I’m sure I should!

    Good luck with the new ideas.

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with your blog. Like you, I cannot maintain the blog-a-day status I once could. There are just too many competing interests at the moment, and writing a post takes a lot of time. I once had someone complain that a post took them an hour once, and I was in awe. “How did you write so fast?” I wondered. To answer your questions: I belonged to a writing group for over a year, but it was in the real world, not in blog world. My group provided a lot of support and feedback, but after a while you know what you’re going to hear from everyone. I think I need to challenge myself and take my writing to the next level– but I don’t know what exactly that would be. A GRAND focus hasn’t materialized yet.

    I don’t really highlight my blog community that much besides a shout-out every now and then. I used to participate in the awards things, but those take so much time and often go unrecognized. It got old. Never had a guest post, and there’s no way I could have two blogs– unless I really want the men in white jackets to take me away.

    As much as I love the blogging community, I have been toying with the idea of giving it up. I really like my free time. However, this is what keeps me writing, and I do enjoy that, too. So I am conflicted as to what I’m going to do, but just like your hair does exactly what you want it to do the day you’re going to get it cut, I recently had three new article ideas. We’ll see!

    • I hope you don’t give it up! Take a break if necessary, but come back. Please!

      My meatier posts definitely take me longer than an hour so I’m with you there! (For example, this post!) My shorter ones don’t take as long, but even those require the motivation to log on and, you know, post.

      I will say that my thoughts for a second blog are so I could write the occasional fiction piece. I always thought starting a second blog was a CRAZY idea because I have gone for months at a time on this one without posting. Why do two when you can’t support one? But I’m not really thinking of it like a whole other blog, more an off shot of this one. Maybe I would post once a month, maybe twice a year, who knows. But not with the kind of frequency as this one.

      • Writing fiction…. wouldn’t that make you almost literary? New terrain for the engineer! I’d love to read your forays into fiction.

        Right now I think I am just going to limit my posts. Writing is therapeutic. Plus, if I gave it up, I’d have to also give up my blogging friends. : ( I don’t like that idea.

        • Almost literary… Now that’s a stretch! It’s funny because I’ve always liked writing and was never big into reading. Sometimes I feel guilty about that. Like I feel like I need to read in order to earn the right to write. Right to write… hehehe. I mean, I do enjoy reading (when I have time… left over after watching TV). Just nothing too smart. That rules out most of the classics. And I don’t want to have to analyze it or anything. I do enough of that with data sets.

  3. Man, you think about this all a lot more than I do. Of course, I pretty much write my blog so my parents can read it and so I can look up my kids milestones when I fill in their baby books (you know, years from now.)

    • Yeah, that’s probably what I should do, but you can imagine what something like documenting milestones would do for my mental health. My poor deprived child will never know when she did anything. The price you have to pay when you have a crazy mom.

  4. I feel like my blog is all over the place, too. I’d like to start featuring guest posts, but I haven’t yet. I’d also like to write for other blogs, but so far I’ve only done that once. Sorry I’m not helpful. lol Just know that I like what you’ve done so far, and I look forward to reading more no matter what it is.

  5. My blog is kind of all over too. I started it to get more exposure for my non-fiction, but my short stories and work in progress novel have kind of taken over. I’m finding the biggest frustration for me is that once I publish to my blog it’s considered published and, therefore, unsaleable or even just nonpunishable, in many outlets.

    • I suppose that’s one upside of being an amateur. At least I don’t have to worry about publishing. Just so you know, I’ve been reading your stuff for a little while and really enjoy it. (Even though I don’t comment). Your more professional writing status is apparent.

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