Check out the fun time we had today

Yes, that was sarcasm.


The receptionist from the towing company (because, yeah, I was not about to try and change a tire) asked from her end of the line, “Do you have a baby with you?!” Why yes. Yes I did.

She must be a mother because the next thing she said was, “We’re pretty busy, but I’m going to try and get someone over there as soon as possible.” And let me tell you. She delivered. THANK GOD.

Now for more fun tomorrow buying new tires. Again, with a baby.

17 thoughts on “Check out the fun time we had today

  1. Ugh. Good thing they came soon! My mom and I were stuck in South San Fran in the evening after my car lost all its transmission fluid. Our first tow truck missed us, but fortunately after calling them back a few times, our next driver found us. He took my car to a shop and then us to a “safe” place where cabs venture. I guess we needed to have a baby with us. I should borrow one next time. : )

    • Yuck! I was also really lucky that I was in Benicia when it happened. Especially because I was coming from Richmond. Heart of the ghetto Richmond. I was really glad it didn’t happen there.

  2. this looks like fun! at least the tow track didn’t take hours. which reminds me. I should really renew my AAA. the car is dying often enough for me to put this in the priority list.

  3. Booooo. Experiences that like suck anyway, but everything is worse with a baby in tow. (hehe)

    One time I locked my keys in my car. Oh yea, AND Amelia. AND my phone. Fun times.

    • OMG! That’s like my nightmare! Good thing I’m OCD about checking that I have my keys before locking my car. Seriously. I’ll bet if I talked to my therapist about it she’d diagnose me with OCD. I check like 4 times and often say out loud, “Okay, you have your keys.” And I’ve never locked my keys in the car. Yet another way in which I’m crazy…sigh.

      • Here’s how it happened.. I put Amelia in her car seat and handed her my keys (she was about 18 months old), then I unloaded the groceries, took the keys and tossed them in the drivers seat (WHY?! I have no idea) then I shut all the doors, obviously not realizing she had hit the lock button, to return the cart. Stupid, stupid, stupid. OCD is a good thing sometimes!

  4. YEESH! Is that blown out? I can’t see the pic real well on my phone.

    I feel your pain on the new tires. The hubs desperately needs them, and we’re looking at about $800. :\

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