Ruby Tuesday: Hypothetical dirt

This poor little girl just wants to move. And she just can’t. It’s really kind of sad. Especially when she scoots herself into situations like these.


Jason magically caught the split second of a smile between cries of, “This is not where I want to be!” and “Help a baby out! Yeah MOM, I’m talking to YOU!” Did I mention she’s talking now? Oh all right. I guess it went more like, “Waaaaaa!!!”

The other kind of neat thing I’ve noticed lately is her attention to detail. She focuses in on the tiniest things. For example, a speck of dirt on the floor. Hypothetically speaking, of course! We wouldn’t let our baby scoot around on a dirty floor. And she has the skills now to whip out a pointer finger and touch that little speck of hypothetical dirt.

If only I were equally intrigued by hypothetical dirt. This baby may be cute, but let me tell you something about her hobbies. BORING!!!

16 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday: Hypothetical dirt

    • I actually read something recently saying one theory as to why breastfed baby’s don’t always get enough iron is because they aren’t eating as much dirt as the cave babies did. So I figure I’m actually helping her out here.

  1. It is amazing how they will find something on the floor that we OLD people can’t even see from our comfy spot on the couch! With Amelia I was such a freak about her not putting that stuff in her mouth, but now with Addilyn I’m like, “Meh, it’s good for her.” I am a little grossed out when the tops of Addilyn’s feet are black from crawling all day. I swear I clean! How are the floors still so dirty?!

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