Perfect timing

I pushed my cart full of groceries out of Costco, the other day, just as the mechanic was parking my car. I had fed Ruby two hours earlier. Surely, I decided, we could make it home before her next snack. The timing could not have been more perfect.

So we went home. I plopped her in the ExerSaucer and went about unloading the groceries. For about one minute. That’s when she started crying.

I pleaded with her, “Hang on for just a minute! Most of the groceries can wait. I just have to unload a few critical items!”

My plan was more than reasonable, the perfect compromise. She didn’t care. The crying escalated… to THAT cry. You know which one I’m talking about. This hungry baby wasn’t about to wait patiently. So I raced in the last of the frozen goods and picked her up.

BEFORE I went to the bathroom. Don’t judge. And since I was (1) holding a baby, (2) in crisis mode and (3) home alone, I decided that it wasn’t important that I put my pants back on. Instead, I tossed them aside and got straight to feeding the baby.

She ate. She napped. And all was right with the world. About an hour later we rose from the couch.

And that is how I ended up standing in front of the Mormon missionaries in my underwear, with only one pane of a glass front door between us.


30 thoughts on “Perfect timing

  1. Rock on, you pulled off the parental trifecta: groceries, feeding, and bathroom. Everything else is just gravy! The Mormon boys should understand in a few short years when they start their fams!

    • So apparently I was not clear in my story telling. I didn’t answer the door in my underwear. Our front door is glass. You can see through it. Truthfully, I don’t know if they saw that I was in my underwear because the glass is sort of (I don’t know how to describe it…) frosty? See the pic. But I’m sure they saw me, which meant I had to answer the door. After stealthily putting my pants back on.

  2. I have lots of big windows in my little house, and I’m often semi-dressed. Now that we’ve lived here a few years, I’m learning to peek out the bedroom or bathroom door to be sure the blinds are closed before proceeding into the living areas.

    • Well, I didn’t actually answer my door in underwear. It’s just that our front door is glass (i.e. see through), and I was accidentally standing in front of it when they came a knocking.

  3. Bwahahaha! That literally made me laugh outloud. But I’m with Elsha, why even answer the door? I’m totally that door creeper.. Whenever the doorbell rings I sneak around to the windows while shushing the kids to see who’s out there, and 90% of the time I don’t answer. Even when it’s the Mormon missionaries, and I’m a Mormon. Ha!

  4. Awesome. Though I did think that the story was going to be about why you ended up nursing Ruby WHILE going to the bathroom 🙂

  5. heheh – love the post! I have (a) continued to breastfeed whilst on the loo and (b) answered the door with my boob hanging out (doorbell rang after I had finished feeding and I forgot to tuck myself back in…). Phew – that confession feels good, and thanks Laura, I don’t feel quite so alone any more! 😉

    • Oh good! You can always feel free to let it all hang out over here! No matter what it is, I’m sure I have done something similar or, more likely, something “worse”. Thanks for stopping by! And welcome!

  6. They have perfect timing don’t they! I was once confronted by Jehovah’s Witness gals while I was in my bathrobe and had a towel around my head. They wouldn’t leave and made motions through the window to let me know that they’d wait as I got dressed. I shut the blinds’, plopped on the couch, and read my book.

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