Ruby Tuesday: Not so serious

It’s hard to believe I only missed one Tuesday. I feel like so much has happened in little Ruby’s life over the last two weeks.

She rolls all the time (although still only over one shoulder) now. She pretty much always flips over onto her stomach to sleep anymore. And she especially likes to roll over on the changing table after she’s grabbed her dirty diaper… which I find especially frustrating. She figured out how to get her knees underneath her and how to move forward. She’s not crawling (seriously Elsha), but it seems as if she’s getting pretty close.


She’s also worked a whole slew of percussive sounds into her vocabulary. My favorite is the single cough/yelp laugh.

And she’s turned into a bit of a flirt. Yippee!! For months I have endured the annoying comment of, “She’s so serious,” from passing strangers. Which of course reminds me of the Joker. Speaking of which, Ruby picked out a little Batman figurine as her favorite toy. I swear we didn’t push it on her. We didn’t even show it to her. She saw it from across the room and gave it one of her squinchy nose smiles. Because, oh yeah, she flashes those all over the place now. It’s pretty freaking adorable.

12 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday: Not so serious

  1. My sister says that she wants to squish Ruby’s little legs because they look so soft and white. I told her that you wouldn’t like random people grabbing your child. seriously though, even I think that this baby is adorable 🙂

  2. She definitely is freaking adorable! And everything she does now is going to be so fun! No more being a blob. Until she starts talking back. So you have a good 2 years to just take it all in!
    I heard a rumor that there’s a tiny chance I could meet her around Christmas.. Nothing would make me more happy!!! I love Ruby.

    • I think there’s a pretty good chance if you’re game! Yay!!! I want to meet Addilyn! That reminds me, I need to check in with Elsha about her plans.

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