Keeping up

So I ran a 10K this past Saturday. I trained for it with a couple of ladies from the mom’s group.

Let me clarify. By “with” I mean I met up with them once a week or so, chatted for a few minutes and watched them take off. And then we’d chat some more after completing what would technically be considered a solo run. Unless you count Ruby. She generally stayed with me.

So by race day I was ready to keep up. I mean mentally ready. Physically I wasn’t quite there. I hung with one of the moms for the first couple miles. In part because I really wanted to. And in part because my watch went a little squirrelly and told me I was running slower than I actually was.

Around the second mile marker I decided slowing down was in my best interest. I watched my running mate take off and sort of secretly hoped she’d crash so I could catch her in the end. Sorry running mate.

I got pretty close, but I never did catch her. Which I think was really for the best. Watching her off in the distance kept me pushing until the end. So thank you running mate. I owe you my race.


I ended up finishing in 54:29. It wasn’t a PR, but I did end up snagging 3rd in my age group. No need to discuss how many people were actually in my age group.


15 thoughts on “Keeping up

  1. Yay you! Funny, I picture you being blazing fast and faster than the other moms in your group. I thought this post would be about how annoying it is to slow down for slower runners. Now, I like you even more. Great race. Great you. Perfect Ms.Ruby.

    • haha! I’m pretty sure it’s the running that she disapproves. After all, we have established the fact that she’s perfectly capable of smiling, just not when running 🙂

      54 min is amazing! It beats my PR by 5 minutes. I’d take it, even if I were last in my age group. You are fast!! 🙂

      • If I’m fast, you are too! I seriously killed myself to finish with that time. You probably leisurely strolled across the finish line while singing show tunes and dropping not a bead of sweat to get your PR.

    • You flatter me too much! It took me a long time (like years and years) to run consistently. My friend used to call me a yo-yo runner. Even if you only run a little bit every once in awhile that’s still a success. That’s more than a lot of people do.

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