I’m the world’s fastest runner, like ever

I accidentally left the best part out of yesterday’s race recap.

I am happy with how the race went. Truly. But that doesn’t change the fact that I am still quite a bit slower than I was before having Ruby. I tried to explain this to my mom by saying that my 10K pace was 7 seconds/mile slower than my half marathon PR pace.

Only she interrupted me.

Right after I said, “My 10K pace was 7 seconds/mile…”

She said, “Wow!!!”

Never underestimate a mother’s pride.

20 thoughts on “I’m the world’s fastest runner, like ever

  1. haha! huge props to your mother for even getting into a conversation like that. My dad asks about every race: “so how long was this marathon?” and then he says “I still can’t believe that you run”. Totally crashing my ego every single time.

    I’m confused though. You were running the 10K with Ruby right? I bet that slows things down considerably. And I still find 54 minutes fast fast.

    • OMG – no I wasn’t running with Ruby in the race! Now that you mention that I suppose my post was pretty misleading… I ran with the her (and, obviously, the stroller) when I trained with the other moms, but my mom watched her while I raced. I would have been MUCH, MUCH slower if I had to push a stroller during the 10K. No wonder you think I’m fast fast.

  2. I’m not sure if you remember me, but I commented on your blog a while back on a post you wrote about running. Anyway, at the time I had just had my second son and was feeling fat, dumpy and pretty depressed. Your post motivated me to start running again and I will be running my first 5k next month. I just wanted to say thank you for your blog, for sharing your own struggles and triumphs in motherhood and running. You got me running again and I am so much happier now that I am.

    P.S. I was feeling so motivated I actually signed up for a 10K in February and now I am scared out of my mind!

    • First of all, I feel like SUCH A JERK for not responding to this comment sooner. I’m tempted to make some excuses, but I think the truth of it is – JERK. Sorry!

      I’m SOOOO touched and flattered that you found inspiration to run from reading my blog! BIG CONGRATS to you for starting running. It’s such a hard sport to start. I’ve lost count of the people who tell me things like, “The only time I run is when I’m being chased!” GOOD. FOR. YOU.

      Let me know how your 5K goes!! And good luck with the 10K!!! You will do GREAT. I KNOW IT.

      • I would say instead of a jerk you are busy being a mom, something I completely understand! I’ll check back in and let you know how I’m doing. And thanks again, running is the only thing I have done for myself since having my son and it means more to me than I imagined it would.

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