Real friends

A couple years ago I randomly decided to start blogging. I honestly can’t remember why. I don’t think I thought too much about it. I just up and started.

And look what I’ve gotten myself into. I’m blown away. I have met more than a community. I’ve met friends. Real life friends. I mean, I haven’t actually met any of them. But they are still friends, and they are very much real.

A few weeks ago Ashley noticed I hadn’t been very active in cyber space. I was in a funk and turned to you, yeah you, for a little support. Since then my funk’s smelled a little less funky. I’m doing okay. So thank you for that. Yeah, YOU.

But I still haven’t been super active in cyber space. This time around I have different reasons. Jason’s been off work, and I’ve been spending my evenings (usually dedicated to the computer) with him.

I also decided to read a real, live book. And because I am an engineer I am not capable of also reading blogs. Nor am I required to follow grammatical rules or spell correctly. Or attempt to expand my sixth grade vocabulary. (And I don’t want to hear any of that whiny, “But I’m an engineer and I read blogs AND books, and cook dinner every night, and take care of my three kids.”)

So that’s what I was doing – hanging out with Jason and reading a book – when both Melie AND Amy cared enough to ask if everything was okay.

I’m blown away. To just about tears. You guys are amazing and beautiful and real and MY FRIENDS. Yeah YOU.

13 thoughts on “Real friends

  1. I was hoping you would post again soon! I have missed you! I am glad to hear Jason is home! So what book are you reading????

  2. I’m SO happy for you that Jason is home!! I hope you’re getting some much needed husband time. I definitely understand where you’re coming from, so no whining from me. I definitely can’t get everything done, so usually blogging is what gets the nix. I ALWAYS love reading your posts, so hopefully you’re up for it again after your stay-cation. Have fun!

    • Me too!!! Too bad we have to like pay bills and stuff, because I could really get used to having him home! And thanks for reading! I always love hearing about your girls and all the crazy Pinterest projects you do! Ha!

  3. I wouldn’t say I “take care” of my three kids. Keep them alive yes. Also we had Taco Bell for dinner tonight, so there’s that.

    On a more serious note, I’ve long considered my online friends “real” friends, but after we had Daniel some of them sent us cards and gifts and Brian told me that it made the relationships real to him. Made him see that it wasn’t just random internet people, but that they do care about me.

    Internet people are the best 🙂

  4. aww you’re so nice. I am really happy that such a small thing made your day even a little bit better 🙂

    And unless you show one to me, I don’t believe that such an engineer exists. I can’t even write a cv and read blogs in the same day. The funniest thing is that my friends are making fun of me because when I try to produce coherent texts of any sort, I stop being able to be coherent when I speak. In any language. Today, it took me 3 minutes to find the word “approve”. Fun stuff.

  5. First, sorry for being a crappy commenter. I’ve been keeping up with you but maybe you didn’t know it because I’m terrible at leaving comments.

    I say keep your life off the computer. That’s where real life happens anyway. Glad Jason’s been home more and that you get to spend time with him 🙂

    • Sorry I’m so late in replying here. See – I am also a crappy commenter. But really, no need to apologize there! I read a lot that I don’t comment on. Especially now that I have an iPhone. It makes reading blogs at random times a lot easier, but commenting from my phone is such a pain in the ass. I’ll at least comment on that baby when she gets here!

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