Ruby Tuesday: A facial metamorphosis

Have I ever mentioned how terrible I am at moderation? The first race I ever registered for was a… 5K? Nope. That would be reasonable. Try a full marathon. And then I quit running for two years.

I blogged every day for two months this summer. And then I signed up for NoBloPoMo. That is not a typo. Have you noticed my NO blog posting?

Anyway, GreekMelie has reminded me that it’s Tuesday. Time to get it together!

Ruby is pulling up on furniture now. She’s a lot better at getting up than getting down. She seems to think the best solution is to just let go. Which means she’s had a few solid head bonks on our hard wood floors, despite my best efforts to hover over her at ALL TIMES.

She’s also started arching her back and flinging her head with it when she gets cranky. As if crying wasn’t convincing enough in and of itself. So that’s pretty fun.

The food thing has also been interesting. We’ve been giving her some foods that she can try and pick up and eat herself. Like avocado, cooked broccoli and carrots, pasta etc. She’s way more into that than the purees (which she is often not that into). Trouble is I don’t think much of it actually goes down. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that food will eventually replace milk. And by food I mean wine and milk I mean non-alcoholic wine.

Okay, but I saved the best for last. A few weeks ago the adorable scrunchy nose smile…


…was replaced by the stink eye.


Well. Dirty looks are so last week. Ruby’s moved on again. To what I like to call “the OH face.”


3 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday: A facial metamorphosis

  1. Bwahaha! Those are the BEST faces ever! How did you possibly get them on camera?! Addilyn was the same way with food.. Once we introduced real food she was over being spoon fed that yucky stuff! She loves those squeeze packs though so we keep those around for the days we have non-babyish foods around. Ruby is getting to such a fun age! Enjoy every minute (especially before she can talk back!)

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