Reflection on a Year: Party time!

A few weeks ago we did the whole first birthday party thing. We had friends come to celebrate, both big and small.


It got pretty wild…


That’s right. Jason drank a beer. Ruby didn’t. After all, she was only turning…


Cakes made by fox & fawn bakehouse

But she did do a little streaking…


Right before she ate poked cake.


And spooned it onto her belly.


And then there were presents.


It was a good day.


Cakes made by fox & fawn bakehouse

This is the fourth and final Reflection on a Year. If you’re interested, here are the first, second and third.


8 thoughts on “Reflection on a Year: Party time!

  1. Aww! I love Ruby’s dress! And her birthday suit too. I think it’s so cute when kids get their own cake. Was that in style when we were kids?! I want my own cake NOW! 🙂

  2. Naked cake eating! A necessity at a first birthday. Also, I always feel a lot like a slacker when people throw first birthday parties. Kalena STILL has not had a party that wasn’t just family. And she’ll be 5 in May.

    • I think not throwing birthday parties is perfectly fine. I’m sure Kalena still has wonderful birthdays. AND – bonus – she isn’t spoiled. Also, Ruby’s party was super low key. We only invited a few friends, had all the food catered and did zero decorating. I’m not exaggerating when I say your birthday cake making takes more effort.

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