Some nice, little tidbits about Ruby these days

I’m constantly amazed at all the things Ruby is learning and understanding these days. And the way she mimics our behavior. (Uh oh…)

Just recently she started patting her stuffed animals on the back while she’s holding them. Which I find OH SO SWEET because that’s what I do with her. And she’s been pretty diligent about giving all her stuffed animals squirts of nasal spray.


She’s still LOVING animals, especially dogs. She’s started “barking” when she sees one. It sounds like a “MMM MMM” from the diaphragm. I especially get a kick out of this when I’m running with her in the stroller. Because I can’t see her and don’t usually hear from her until we pass a dog and she gets going.

I’m really enjoying her balance between dependence and independence right now. For the first year of her life I couldn’t really leave her side for a second. That was draining. And then she went through this super independent stage that left me feeling like a combination of relieved and rejected. Now she’s something in the middle. She’ll play independently for a little while and then stop to give me a hug. It’s sort of perfect.


We’ve had a few unbelievably, ridiculously awesome sleep days lately. And no, I don’t mean she’s sleeping through the night. She’s just going down really easily at night and for naps. And sleeping for more than a half hour IN THE CRIB for those naps. She’ll actually point to the crib like that’s where she wants to go. I’ve been able to lay her down wide awake and she just gets to sleep on her own. I can’t even put into words how badly I want this stage to NOT BE A STAGE.

She loves playing chase. She still loves her vitamins, and now she loves brushing her teeth. So, naturally, she puts them all together. When I get out her vitamins or her toothbrush she runs around the house like it’s a game. When I catch her she giggles, giggles, giggles and latches onto her treat.


4 thoughts on “Some nice, little tidbits about Ruby these days

  1. She just gets cuter by the day! And I can’t even tell you how happy I feel for you that parenting is finally starting to feel worth it 🙂

    • Thanks Kari! I’m still sorting through some residual “issues”… but it does continue to get better with time. I feel like things really started to improve at around a year when she became more independent and I could begin to see her understand some things.

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