Did I say piano? I meant crack.

First we did Christmas. Then we decided we would try and spend as much money as we possibly could before the new year.

We ordered a glider for the baby room. Jason bought a car. I bought a piano. And Ruby bought a bunch of furniture for her new room. Pretty good, right? Does anyone know if there’s a prize for winning that race? I hope it’s cash.

But let’s focus on the piano instead of our bank account. You guys, I can’t stop playing. I think I have a problem. My back is killing me, and I’m not getting enough sleep. I’m neglecting my family. I actually left work early today for the express purpose of squeezing in a couple hours of play time while Ruby was still at daycare. As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve completely stopped watching television.

I think it’s only fair that I warn other potential piano buyers out there about the risks associated with the Kawai CA95. You might think you’re getting a digital piano, but it really feels and sounds like an acoustic. Plus it has all these cool features that I didn’t think I would care about, but actually really enjoy.

Like, for example, a metronome. (Who gets excited about a metronome???)

And the ability to record right on the piano. This is helpful if you want to play and sing but can’t quite yet do them at the same time. And you’re computer is so slow you wouldn’t dream of loading recording software onto it. AND, for some reason, you can’t afford a new computer. (Except for you might buy one this weekend anyway.)


If, by chance, you really are piano shopping and live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you must go to DC Pianos in Berkeley. After the car shopping experience I was very much appreciative of their no haggle policy. The salesman I worked with was super friendly and helpful, without being at all overbearing. He left me alone to play around on the pianos but made himself available when I had questions. When it came to purchase time this is sort of how it went down.

Me: So I think we’re going to go ahead and buy that piano.
Salesman: Great! Oh, and the sale thing we’ve sort of been doing around the holidays is we’re just covering the tax.
Me: Oh! Awesome.
Salesman: Oh, and if you want to pick out a couple piano books for free you’re welcome to do that.
Me: Wow! Ok cool… Oh yeah. You don’t by chance pick up old, crappy pianos do you?
Salesman: Yeah, we could do that for you.
Me: Man, it doesn’t get much better than this!
Salesman: Oh, and I forgot to mention. We’re also handing out briefcases full of $100 bills to anyone who’s spent half their yearly salary in the last week.

7 thoughts on “Did I say piano? I meant crack.

  1. Hahaha- you left work to play piano! That’s awesome. I guess now you know what it feels like to be a crack addict. 😉 I love the picture and your tiny baby bump! Can’t wait to hear something you’ve recorded! I always miss you randomly bursting into song at full volume.

    • Ahh Kari, you’re like my favorite person in rhe world for telling me things like you LIKED to hear me sing. My mom used to say, “Oh Laura! So loud!” And now Ruby tells me, “That’s too loud Mommy. That hurts my ears.”

    • Drum kit, ukelele and a keyboard!! You’re ready to start a band! If you ever do get around to replacing thr keyboard I would highly recommend the Kawai CA95. The 65 was pretty nice too and a bit cheaper.

  2. Laura, can you post some of your recordings so far? I know you haven’t finished any pieces but maybe some 30 sec excerpts? Would everyone else like to hear this?

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