A cheesy poem on a serious topic

As mentioned, I’ve been struggling with writing song lyrics. I’ve also been reading the occasional excerpt from Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends aloud to Ruby. Therefore, one plus one equals:

Well, this week’s been the shits.
In more ways than one.
First I got the stomach flu.
Of course, that was no fun.
Been dragging my sick ass
To work with a headache
Other fine symptoms
Can’t a girl catch a break?
Still my list keeps on growing
I’m so overwhelmed.
In work, in life…
What rhymes here? Realm?
Did I mention I’m pregnant?
That’s going just fine.
But worthy of mentioning
At least one time.
And people keep pissing me off.
Yes, it’s true.
I could be less tolerant.
Stressed out, with the flu…
Ruby’s been complaining,
“Mommy, don’t leave me!”
In the mornings before daycare.
And I’m feeling so guilty
That all my attention’s
Been spent on the couch.
And Jason’s been slave to
A toddler AND grouch.
As if that weren’t enough,
A surprise hospital stay
In a far away state.
Dad’s surgery: Thursday.

3 thoughts on “A cheesy poem on a serious topic

    • Thanks Pahla. That means a lot. They were actually able to push it up to yesterday, and everything went well. There was a chance he would need a pacemaker and that didn’t happen. Everyone is very relieved.

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