Or you can at least be done

It’s official. I’m the owner of a Mac. It arrived on Monday, but it wasn’t until today that I found any time outside of work or the bathroom to open the box.

I only really planned to turn it on, connect to the internet and call it a day. But I surprised myself and went a few steps further. I set up my email, uploaded my pictures and downloaded a few apps. After tackling the challenging business of learning to scroll I was feeling pretty confident.

So I connected it to my piano. Then I opened GarageBand. And recorded a song.

It’s the piano piece I mentioned the other day. The one I wrote in high school. There are three parts that I decided to very cleverly title Piano Variation 1, 2 and 3. The first variation is by far my favorite and the only one recorded. Now before you go listen to it let me say a few things about my process.

At this point here’s what I know about recording. The little red circle means record, and the square means stop.  I know there is a way to redo and replace sections in a track, and I’m guessing anyone with the most basic set of recording skills knows how to do it. Well, I don’t. So this is a pretty raw cut.

There’s one rather infeasible page turn and a few measures I can no longer play at tempo. So I recorded the song from start to finish over and again until I remembered a meme I saw the other day along these lines.


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So I said to myself, “Enough is enough. Let’s just get this thing done.” And now I’m going to say it again, only this time with regards to this post.

10 thoughts on “Or you can at least be done

  1. O! M! G! I know less than nothing about music, except for the fact that your piece is incredible!! I’m so impressed!! And very proud of you, recording something and putting it out there takes a lot of courage. You are amazing!

    • Ha! Much thanks Frank. Yes, vocals are coming. As soon as I open the next box and figure out a few buttons beyond record and stop. I don’t want to disappoint the “fans”…

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