The joys of teamwork

Two heads are better than one. That’s what I always say. Especially on days like today when I get to work with an open-minded and creative team of my favorite co-workers. Unfortunately, I had to write this poem all by myself. Here is my response to Day Three: Trust, Acrostic, Internal Rhyme.


Fun times I had at work today,
Understanding a new point of view.
Collaboratively we found new ground in
Keeping with the corporate way.

Trusting in the strengths of our colleagues,
Harmoniously we came to agree that
Acting together we’d crest our best.
Teamwork… always such bliss.

Photo Credit: putin obama by Jedimentat44 is licensed under CC by 2.0


4 thoughts on “The joys of teamwork

  1. Lovely work. I particularly enjoyed the very colourful phrase you based your acrostic poem around. Sound like efficient team. Good job that it leaves on in the archives of this challenge.

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