The significance of ants and life


I was fully planning on skipping a day of the two week WordPress poetry course I signed up for. Today, in fact. So I settled in on the couch with Ruby and a friend of hers to watch the movie Antz. Then along came this beautiful quote.

"The whole system makes me feel
  You've made a real breakthrough."
"I have?"
You are
                  Wise words subtly linger,
  wasted on Antz and toddlers licking fingers,
    dropping crumbs.
They came up at lunch,
  out of the woodwork and into
    our conversation.
Apparently they taste like
    when sprinkled
      over crème fraîche on fancy plates, kickin'
        and dreaming 
          our lives mean a little something more than
            lemon juice.
Still carving paths around
  snack packs made of
We carry loads of
  cookie scraps ten times our weight
    and wait
      for meaning.

It could have been the quote. Or the ants. Or the mess those kids were making with Ruby’s birthday cupcakes. Or some combination of the above. In any event, I was reminded of today’s chatter about bugs getting into homes and food and a chef from Denmark that intentionally uses ants as seasoning. Somehow all that blended together into my response to Day Four: Animals, Concrete Poem, Enjambment.

Photo Credit: Leaf Cutter Ants – Butterflyworld by Airwolfhound is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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