Awesome phrases Ruby’s using these days

“A couple whiles,” as in, “Will you lay with me for a couple whiles?”

“Lasterday,” as in, “Lasterday we went to the merry-go-round.”

“Definitely,” as in, “I want to paint with green. Not red. And definitely not blue.” (Any example I can think of doesn’t really translate to the page. I promise it’s funny every time she says it.)


“Buyeya,” as in Ruby can’t pronounce umbrella, but she sounds adorable when she tries. She had her eyes checked at her 3 year-old visit with the doctor. They used objects instead of the letter E facing in different directions. Specifically an apple, a house and an umbrella. The whole production was pretty awesome.

6 thoughts on “Awesome phrases Ruby’s using these days

    • When I first read this comment I thought you were saying “lasterday” was already a word and I was feeling pretty embarrassed that I didn’t know that. See, this is why I am an engineer. I would believe someone if told “lasterday” is a word AND (apparently) I can’t read.

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