Lessons you shouldn’t teach your toddler

This morning Jason was laying on the floor playing with Ruby when I told her to, “Kick Daddy’s butt at Candy Land!” She looked up at me. Then she kicked Jason in the butt. Naturally.

And since we couldn’t really blame the kid, we both burst out laughing. Again, she looked up at me. She looked at Jason. She looked back at me, back at Jason etc. With an expression that said something like, “Well, that’s not the reaction I expected. Interesting what’s going on here… You guys liked that. I just did something you liked. I should feel rather pleased with myself.” A smile began to stretch across her face.

And then, of course, she kicked Jason again. And again. And again etc. They were light, little taps and it was all in good fun. Still, I fear there could have been a little underlying lesson of:

Kick a man while he’s down.


4 thoughts on “Lessons you shouldn’t teach your toddler

  1. Oh my! We fall into that trap all the time with Henry! He did something a few months ago and I said “You are going to poke your eye out” and then he proceeded to poke himself in the eye yelling “I poke my eye out!” and laughing.

    Great parenting right there folks! 🙂

    • Ha! I’m definitely amazed by all the stuff they pick up. I probably don’t give Ruby enough credit. I remember the first time she started singing along with pop radio, and it was like, “Guess I better start putting on kids music!”

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