Monday Motivators: Eating cake burns calories

I tackled two weeks worth of laundry today, and it contained three sports bras. Some of you may be unimpressed, but this is actually progress. I’ve been pretty inactive since running… okay completing… Okay, okay! Taking home a personal worst at the Nike Women’s Half Marathon when I was 8 weeks pregnant. OKAY FINE. If you demand complete disclosure… This was the result of also being inactive before the race.

I have grand fitness plans for after the baby is born, but all I’ve really done in the here and now is think about those plans while eating cake on the couch. You see, I struggle with moderation. I often have a hard time remembering that 1 mile is better than no miles and going for a walk actually does count.


Fortunately a few motivators came into my life recently. A local mom began coordinating evening (read: post-toddler bedtime) walks. I went to one and it was fabulous. We did a hilly, 3 miles at a brisk pace, and it was a solid workout. I refuse to be ashamed to admit that! And the company was the best. I came home totally energized.

I also went to the first Team ChallengeEast Bay practice. The team is training for the Napa-to-Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon in July, and I’m going to help out during the first half of the season. Per the plan, I was to join and support the walkers. Well, there weren’t any. And walking by myself at the back of the pack didn’t feel like much in the way of “helping out”. So I ended up doing a 2 mile run/walk combo, and it felt surprisingly great.

The truth is I don’t need to wait until the baby is born before picking my ass up off the couch. And when it comes down to it, I really have others to thank for my first few steps. So I’m thinking, “Why not take this yet another step further? I have a few more friends. I should take advantage of them too, right?”

With that in mind, here’s my plan. On Mondays I’m going to blog about my fitness goals for the upcoming week, as well as how I did versus last week’s goals. I’ll be accountable to you, my readers, and use that as motivation. I’m going to try and keep both my goals and my posts short and sweet. Unlike this one… unless you count the cake.

Anyone care to join me? I’ll post more details on Monday.

Photo Credit: Chocolate cake by Sarah is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / Text added to original

16 thoughts on “Monday Motivators: Eating cake burns calories

  1. I don’t even own three sports bras… so you’re several steps ahead of me! (I did do a marathon when I was 7 weeks pregnant, was happy to read I’m not the only weirdo in that respect! 😉 And if I’d known I certainly would have used it as a damn good excuse to stop half way through!)

    • Ha! Maybe all your sports bra ownership says is you do a better job staying on top of laundry. You ran a FULL marathon at 7 weeks?? I’m wildly impressed! The only reason I did this one was because it was a lottery entry. Some friends persuaded me to enter the lottery months before I became pregnant. It seemed pretty hypothetical at the time. Then I got in and had to do it! I didn’t really train and definitely paid for that during the race.

  2. I don’t run, but can I join you by pledging to walk 12,000 steps a day? I have a FitBit HR, so it tells me how many steps I take.

    Glad you are finding motivation to get moving! I find that once I stop walking/working out it’s so hard to get back moving.

    • You can absolutely join with that goal! Running is by no means a requirement. There’s s good chance I’ll only be walking for awhile. I have the exact same problem… I stopped training for races and have been completely inactive, which is why I’m doing this. I need to embrace some middle ground and just get moving.

          • Even walking around all day in my classroom, 12,000 steps a day is challenging. I try to figure out how I can add steps in little ways, but still at the end of the work day that leaves me with 7-8,000 steps. It forces me to workout once I get home and that will normally put me near 12,000 which is good because I don’t want all of my exercise to come from sedentary walking (I love my oxymorons). I have an all-day meeting on Wednesday and book club on Thursday, so I have to plan out how I will get my steps in those days.

          • Yep, this a definitely a challenging goal. Good for you! I don’t even want to know how many steps I get at work… Probably something on the order of your 7-8000… Divided by 1000.

  3. If it makes you feel any better, I walked away with a personal worst *and* a cold after today’s San Francisco half marathon. I am semi-certain that you are faster than me even one week before giving birth 🙂

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