Monday Motivators: Might as well walk


Last Week: I went for a hilly, 3 mile walk and a 2 mile (very slow) run/walk. So, you know, I pretty much kicked ass… versus my goal of do nothing.

This Week: This week I hope to walk (or run/walk) a total of 5 miles, 3 of which will likely happen with the East Bay Team Challenge team.

Join the party! Choose your favorite way to link-up:

  1. Write a post describing your fitness goals for the upcoming week and how you did meeting last week’s goals. Include a link to this post somewhere in your post and a pingback will show up in the comments section below.
  2. Write a post and comment on this post with a link to your post.
  3. Share your goals as a comment on this post, or on Facebook, or Twitter, or whatever.

Read this post for a little background on the birth of Monday Motivators.

Photo Credit: old couch by soundfromwayout is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / Text added to original

11 thoughts on “Monday Motivators: Might as well walk

  1. Can I join too? I want to go to 2 boxing classes and run 6-7 miles this week.
    And if I manage to resurrect the blog or the facebook page, I might even participate more actively next week. 🙂

  2. Last week: I walked/ran Monday (6k) around my underground, but my knees gave out on me so on Tuesday I joined a gym and from Tuesday to Thursday I did 30min at 3.5/4.0 walk, 10-15min high intensisty on the Arc Trainer and 10 mins rowing at a 26 s/m (approx. 2008 m)

    This week: I hope to go to the gym Monday to Thursday and do the same but graduate up to 20mins on the Arc Trainer and the Rowing Machine. And walk 30 minutes at 3.8-4.0

    • That is some FAST walking! Good for you! What is this Arc trainer? (It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been to a gym.) And good luck this week!

  3. The Arc Trainer is similar to the elliptical except your arm moves with the same leg and instead of a skiing motion it’s more like a floating stepping up motion.

      • No, it feels more like “high knees” running, but does amazing things for your butt like the stairclimber and its a killer calorie burner. You can do 600+ cal in an hour. I did 120 in 13min yesterday and I only went all out for 3 minutes cause I was on the phone.

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