Monday Motivators: Baby steps


Last Week: I went on a 2 mile walk over a few hills with a local mom and ran/walked 4 miles with Team Challenge at a similar pace as last week, for a total of 6 miles versus my goal of 5.

I did not do the meal planning, go grocery shopping or bother to take the last load of laundry out of the dryer. I did, however, spend an egregious amount of time researching daily activity trackers and running GPS watches. Good thing I have my priorities straight, right? Also, this is your fault Amy.

This Week: I’m going to up my goal to 6 miles for this week. Nothing hurt last week so this seems pretty manageable. The Benicia Run for Education will get me 5K towards my goal. It’s been awhile since anything was in the queue so I feel pretty excited, even though I plan to walk it.

Join the party! Choose your favorite way to link-up:

  1. Write a post describing your fitness goals for the upcoming week and how you did meeting last week’s goals. Include a link to this post somewhere in your post and a pingback will show up in the comments section below.
  2. Write a post and comment on this post with a link to your post.
  3. Share your goals as a comment on this post, or on Facebook, or Twitter, or whatever.
  4. Help motivate others. For example, let’s make sure Pahla gets enough rest in between all her not so average athletic adventures. (How about that alliteration?)

Read this post for a little background on the birth of Monday Motivators.

Photo Credit: Garmin Vivofit by Health Gauge is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / Text added to original

6 thoughts on “Monday Motivators: Baby steps

    • I am considering the Garmin, but leaning towards the FitBit. I actually thought the FitBit looked nicer… this is based on pictures though.

  1. I’d totally do this except my “fitness” (I am using that term VERY loosely here) are like 1: don’t eat the rest of the Easter candy in one sitting. 2: …no, there’s really just the one.

  2. Alright, I’m in! Maybe having some kind of accountability will help keep me motivated. My goal is to get into shape for backpacking. So I’ve been wearing my 40 lb pack around town with my three babies in tow😊. So my goal will be to get in four miles a week to start. If you can do it pregnant then surely I can do it, right?! Good luck!

    • Yay! Glad to have you on board! Backpacking sounds fun. I’ve never been, but always thought it would be neat to try. Do you have a trip planned? A 40 lb pack plus three kids sounds like a lot of work! But yes, I’m totally confident you can do it. Good luck to you too!

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