Hilda or Herbert? Place your bets!

Jason and I went to see Damien Rice recently. The show was awesome. I’m always blown away by artists who have the guts to perform with such raw emotion. Before the concert we ate dinner. And much of our dinner conversation was spent placing bets on the upcoming birth of Baby Number Two. Care to play along? Winner gets, well, nothing.


5 thoughts on “Hilda or Herbert? Place your bets!

  1. Okay, I totally plan on winning this thing because the stakes are so low. 🙂 I based my answers on my own experience with baby number two – they’re bigger and they show up faster. Plus, I really hope you have a boy. They are a special gift, what with the peeing on you and everything.

  2. I agree with Pahla, #2 is bigger and shows up faster. I’m really hoping for a girl- 2 little best friends for life. As for the names, I gave you my 2 favorites, you’re welcome.

    • I’m also hoping for a girl. Trying to mentally prepare myself for a boy so I’m not disappointed if it is. I mean, a boy would be cool too. It’s not like a huge preference. But I am a little bit hoping for a girl.

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