Ollie’s almost 7 weeks FAQ

I started a rather detailed and, therefore, quite painfully long post a few weeks ago that I will never finish. So I’m going to try a different approach here. Ollie will be 7 weeks old on Monday, and these are the questions people tend to ask.

1. How are things going?

Such an open-ended question this is… Overall, good I guess. It’s been challenging, as things tend to be with a newborn baby. Particularly in the breastfeeding department (see Question 4). Also that time when Jason got sick and ran off to a hotel when Ollie was 1 week old. But I haven’t *yet* totally lost my mind so I think that means things are basically good.

2. Easier the second time around?

Ollie doesn’t cry nearly as much as Ruby did. So that’s pretty awesome. And makes everything feel much easier, while definitely not EASY.

3. How is Ollie sleeping?

Why do people love to ask this so much? To answer- well enough. This means she’ll generally go to sleep if we put forth some effort and she won’t scream the ENTIRE time we’re working on it. She typically wakes up twice during the night and the whole diaper change/feeding/rock back to sleep routine takes about 30-45 min each time. So she’s like a normal newborn baby. And we’re like normal parents of a newborn. Tired.

4. How’s breastfeeding going?

It’s been rough. I very quickly nicknamed Ollie the Nipple Destroyer. And thus began what I am now calling the lactation tour. This culminated in a referral to a pediatrician specializing in mouth and tongue stuff. (I’m pretty sure that’s what it says on her business card.) Ollie had a posterior tongue tie clipped and it bled way more than I would have cared for. All this while Jason was at the hotel (see Question 1). So that sucked. Fortunately, it at least helped get us to a sustainable breastfeeding situation.

After a few weeks of uneventful breastfeeding I came down with the most hellacious breast infection. This consisted of about 3 days with a 103 F fever, a few more days of a lesser fever, crazy intense breast pain and somehow (what??) another round of nipple damage. I then caught a cold on the last day of the second round of antibiotics. (Because the first round didn’t work.)

My two high-level takeaways from this whole ordeal are:

1. I know it’s too soon to make any decisions, but I’m not enjoying breastfeeding. I don’t see this lasting 2.5 years as it did with Ruby.

2. My body clearly needs more sleep.

Oh, and Ollie won’t take a bottle.

5. How was labor/delivery?

About as ideal as labor and delivery can be. Which is to say it was short and without complications. I will at some point write a whole post about this.

6. How’s the transition to two kids?

My mom has been here since Ollie was born, taking direction from “the boss” (i.e. Ruby). So it doesn’t feel like we’ve really gone through this transition yet. I’m sort of thinking of the whole transition as a three staged process. The first stage was the birth and that went well enough. The second stage will come when my mom goes back to Colorado at the end of July. The third and most dreaded stage will come when Jason starts working 12 hour shifts, 6 days/week beginning in October (through roughly December). So if you would like to come visit me or get together or whatever during this period the answer is YES!!!

7. How’s Ruby adjusting?

The transition to having a perma-playmate in Grandma and getting more attention than before Ollie was born has been pretty easy for Ruby. She did mention a couple times very early on that she wanted Ollie to go back into my tummy. But now she mostly just goes on about how cute she is. We’ll see how this changes come stage two.

8. Maternity leave benefit stuff going smoothly?

Nobody actually asks this question, but I want a paragraph or two to bitch about it. My case manager is shitty and has not once actually answered her phone. The Kaiser policies for releasing medical records are overly complicated, and all but one person I’ve talked to has been willing to do anything more than the absolute bare minimum. I ended up in tears at the medical secretaries office one morning when I tried to hand deliver paperwork.

Ollie’s tongue-tie was clipped about an hour after that. Remember: lots of bleeding. Remember: Jason at a hotel. That day sucked. I suppose I should remind myself that it’s in the past. Today was a better day. We caught some smiles on camera.


16 thoughts on “Ollie’s almost 7 weeks FAQ

  1. Well, she’s definitely eating enough! What a cutie pie!! And damn if your house doesn’t look clean! My children are teenagers and I can’t keep house like you. *sigh*
    The second one comes as such a surprise, doesn’t it? Like, you think you make a certain type of baby, and then they go and have their own personality and their own quirks and difficulties. Whatever!
    I had so much trouble nursing my first (mentally, not physically), and thought I was so much more relaxed with #2. Coulda fed that kid forever, and then he went and weaned himself at ten months. As in, full-on turned away from the nipple one night at bedtime and never took it again! Kids are funny.
    I’m so glad you haven’t lost your mind. And I mean that nicely! It’s a huge adjustment having the second one. It’s why I stopped at two.
    Thanks for the update, I’ve been wondering about you!!

    • Ahh, thanks for thinking of me! I’ve been wanting to blog but haven’t been able to find the time. Hmm… Wonder why… Ha! And let me assure you our house is not clean! The only cleaning that gets done is by the cleaners we pay to come every other week! There’s plenty of toddler toys, burp cloths etc. laying around that don’t show up in the pic.

  2. Your answer to Q2 is exactly how I feel about Sadie. And as far as feeding goes, I’m a huge advocate of doing what makes you and baby feel best. My relationship and bonding with the babies was better because of formula, breastfeeding just wasn’t in the plans for us. Too many rounds of mastitis- it is truly the worst, I feel for you.

    And my case managers have NEVER picked up when I called either, in any of my leaves.

    • I totally agree on the feeding. And I would be lying if I said I haven’t considered giving up. Truthfully, switching to formula at this point almost sounds just as hard. Ollie won’t even take a bottle! And how many plugged ducts and breast infections would I have to go through before I stopped producing milk?? So I don’t know… We’ll just take it a day at a time and see where this goes. I’m keeping an open mind. And why does the RG suck so much???

  3. Love the update! I’ve been thinking about you. Just when you think one kid prepared you for another kid- BAM, everything is different! I’m glad to hear you’re doing well (as well as one can in those crazy first months.) but my crazy germaphobic mind has to know what Jason was sick with! Also, my vote is that you come stay in CO the whole month of October and we can just hang out all the time and pass the months away while Jason works. I just live around the corner from Arvada now 😉

    • Thanks Kari! I don’t know what he had, but he left for the hotel when his fever hit 102.5. Talk about bad timing! He was off work for 2 weeks and at the hotel 2 nights. I felt totally jipped! And you shouldn’t suggest things like visiting for a month because you could end up with unwanted house guests! Seriously though, I’m going to visit Elsha and I might come out to Colorado at some point too. Still mentally gearing up for traveling with 2 kids and no other adults… We should get together if I end up out there. You’re in Denver now, right?

  4. Love the update. Boo maternity “benefits.” Just those words alone can get me on a decent rant, for sure 😉

    A friend told me “one is none and two is ten.” I didn’t agree with the “one is none” part until number two. There are some days that I’m yelling in desperation at one kid or another, “one mom can’t handle both of you right now!” But the baby smiles are awesome.

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