My health: It sucks

Let’s discuss health and fitness for a moment. Oh boy. My health… sucks. There’s really no other way to put it.

First there was that nasty breast infection that lasted for freaking ever because the first antibiotic I was prescribed didn’t work. On the last day of the antibiotics a cold kicked in. Complete with fever. The stomach bug came along about a week later, while still blowing my nose infinity times a day.

It’s been over a week of this crap (no pun intended). I just found out this morning that this stomach bug is related to the breast infection antibiotics and not a virus. So today is day one of FORTY-TWO days on another antibiotic. I sent a note to my doctor… Part of me hopes the 42 days was a miscommunication between her and the pharmacy. The other part feels uncomfortable that there could be such a miscommunication.

The only sort of twisted silver lining of this thundercloud is that I have lost some weight. That was losable. So far I’ve lost about 28 lbs of the roughly 40 lbs I gained while pregnant with Ollie. I suspect it will take a long time to lose the remaining 12 lbs, and I’m okay with that… Who am I kidding? I want it off NOW. But my health comes first and I know it will take awhile if I do it the right way.

You know, through diet and exercise. Oh exercise. This sickness has really put a damper on the exercise. I’m still getting out there, but I’ve had to slow down and stop and back track and, well, it’s just been discouraging. I feel soft and heavy and out of shape and like there’s nothing I can do about it. I know. I know. I just had a baby. I’m small to begin with so I know I don’t look like all these things to the average bystander. But that’s how I feel.

I also feel pain when I breathe deeply, cough, laugh, turn my body and lie down. Among other basic movements of life. This is because I now also have what is most likely an intercostal rib muscle strain, what I’m told is basically a pulled rib muscle.

In summary? I’m falling apart.

I’m trying to keep perspective. I’m trying to look at this like the before picture. I hope to look back on this a year from now and marvel at how much stronger and healthier I am. I’m trying to see this as a lesson to appreciate the good health I have the privilege of taking advantage of. My tummy troubles are temporary and peanuts compared to what my good friend with Crohn’s disease has to deal with.

So I’m trying. It sucks. And there you have it.

9 thoughts on “My health: It sucks

  1. Oh girl, I’m sorry. That sounds really miserable. I don’t envy you and yet I know how awful you feel physically after having a baby. I hated when people told me I looked so good after a baby because it’s not about how you look it’s about how you feel, and how you feel is gross! You feel gross. Sounds like you need some probiotics, stat! That would help your tummy troubles. Fingers crossed that things could ONLY go up from here.

    • Thanks Jen. I have a good friend with Crohn’s disease and I’ve met many others with Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis through Team Challenge. I’ve been dealing with these GI issues for almost 3 weeks now. Feels like a long time for me, but is still so little comparatively. It’s definitely given me a new appreciation for what others with chronic disease have to go through. I’m planning on fundraising for Team Challenge this winter… I suppose this is the motivation I need.

      • Huge hugs. I’ve got microscopic colitis. I struggled for about as long as you have. It’s small in comparison to others but it still sucks big time. Mine is managed now through diet. Hoping you get answers and

        • Oh, I’m so sorry to hear! I’m sure that does suck big time! I have c diff. It’s a type of bacteria that can overgrow typically following antibiotics (my breast infection) and release toxins that cause colitis. Probably very similar symptoms to what you have. I’ve been on a different antibiotic for about a week and a half now. Things are much better, but far from normal. Hoping it doesn’t go on too much longer because also- sucks big time! Ha!

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